Denial...all over again

After two years after being diagnosed...getting A1C from 14 to 6, I am again in a place of 'denial'.
Eating crazy, not sleeping, craving sweets, allowing levels way over 200 and not even supplementing. What's going on with me? Has anyone else been in this 'space' before??? Feel like I'm trying to self-destruct

Maybe you should consult with your doctor and dietitian about your current lifestyle because probably the new changes in eating,sleeping and activity habits you are doing may have changed.You may need a new regimen to follow that.Just try and keep it simple as regards your diet ,take supplement if needs be but maybe substitute them for things that are currently in your diet that might be driving your glucose levels way up for example sugary drinks ,chocolate or crisps.But this is only my opinion ,I’ve only had diabetes for about half a year - you might want to consult with a more experienced or professional person first.Let me know how you get on anyway.Hope this helps ,good luck ! I’m sure that when your glucose levels get back on track and your craving sweets urges die down , so will your sleeping patterns.Just be adaptive ,patient and be true to yourself - you cannot trick this disease unfortunately :slight_smile:

Kat D-You are not alone. You have just had a small fall off of the wagon. It happens to all of us sometimes. Coming here to TuD to vent is a start on your way back to better D care. You do know what to do to get back on track. You just have to implement it. Take it one day at a time, and do one thing for better control each day. Until you are back on the track of good control. We have many members who will support you on this road back. Perhaps you should post this as a Type-1 discussion, more people read them than blogs.

I call what you are going through "diabetes fatigue." It'a a mental fatigue that come from having to be ever-vigilant about one's daily regime. Generally it's not fatal, but it can be damaging. Damaging to one's self-image mostly. The important thing is to get back on track, even if it's not completely. Pick one thing to work on. And focus on the future, not the past.

all good advice from here im still doing my thing have very good numbers so far but i do whati call stinking thinking every so often be strong and start again get back on the horse as we say good luck

I hate when that happens to me.

Yup happens to us all I am sure. I was like that recently actually. being diligent and eating right, excercising, and having my numbers go up anyway. Was so frustrated. I see many people around me that don't take care of themselves and eat garbage and yet, they are healthier than me!!! So not fair! So I go on a junk binge for a bit. Then I smarten up and fight like a ninja!

yes. Hit new diet with awesome results. Then for what ever reason I went from 1 cheat meal to 4 cheat DAYS. Did that for about 3 months. Endo said to get back on track or suffer the price down the road. Now I have 1 cheat meal per week. Feel better also.