A1C, pump sites

I used to have really tight conotrol of my blood sugar. It was awesome. My A1C never went above 6.5. Then, i graduated from high school, went away to college, then moved out of my parents house and now I am married and work a full time job. With all of this i seem to have lost control of my sugars. I am on an insulin pump but it seems my insulin resistance is quite high. My basal rates range from 1.7-1.9 which from what i read is higher than i assumed. My carb ratio is 1:4. Which even my dr agrees, is quite aggresive. I have been on my pump for 10+ years and a diabetic for 18+ years. Some days its like no matter how much insulin i take i can't bring my sugar down. Even skipping a meal here and there if it is too high. My next appointment is in July and I would really like to bring my A1C down a bit. It was 8.8! Any ideas tips or suggestions? I don't exercise REGULARLY but i do walk a lot of places and i'm on my feet running around all day at work. I use my stomach a lot for my pump site and i'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. Maybe the insulin is not being absorbed? I use my legs as well but no other sites. Does anyone have any suggestions for other sites that are good to use? Is anywhere where you can pinch fat ok to use?

Your pump sites might be a problem, but it is more likely that you are experiencing some insulin resistance on top of that. My Belly is a mine field and I have had spots that don't absorb well, but if your trouble is consistently like that, then it is something else.
If one set you run high and then the next set you run low.
Exercise is the key for me. I feel better and my sugars are easier to control even on days when I don't exercise.

Even If you just get on a treadmill and walk for a half hour, you will notice improvement.
When I had a job where I would run around, I thought that was enough too, but it isn't.

My carb ratio is 1:15 and my basal rates are around ,7/ hr. I'm not slight either.

6'3, 190 lbs. My ratios etc have not really changed in 25 years.

Saying all that, I have used my thighs and behind my arms, near my triceps, my hips and even the top part of my butt. I still prefer my belly because I can see it easily and check on it.

Your doc should have a nutritionist or a pump specialist that you could work with to find the right combination of food and insulin and exercise.

The major pump manufacturers have seminars that are free to pump users, They have a lot of good stuff to share and tips and all that. Usually they give you lunch and all that, It's fun esp when you are starting out or trying to switch things around. I went a few times when I was training for a marathon,

I still get invites from Animas even thought I switched to minimed.

The abdomen actually is reported to be the best for absorption but we are all different. I think the important thing is to rotate. I find if I use the same site for a period of time my absorption decays.

It definitely sounds like you have some insulin resistance which makes management harder. Weight loss definitely would help, but of course it isn't easy to lose weight when you have IR! Also, some type 1's have had good experience using Metformin with their insulin to help with the resistance. There are other things that people use such as Symlin, with good results for some (both in A1C and weight loss) not as good for others. It's worth talking with your doctor about your IR.