How does the A1C number relate to the average blood glucose number? I was given an A1C of 8. What would that relate to for when I test my glucose on a daily basis? I realize that the A1C covers a 90 day period, but is there a way to say that relates to a reading of say 200 when I test? So many numbers and information.

Hi Don! Here’s a converter, from Janet Ruhl’s most excellent web site:


Like you said, the a1c reflects an average of your blood glucose readings. Your meter probably has a function for showing averages over time, so if you look at your 90-day average, then it should give you an idea of your a1c once you run it through the converter. (Of course, your meter readings reflect only as many points in time as you check, so your mileage may vary if you’re spiking at times when you’re not metering.)

Thank you for the info. I had heard about a way to convert and this makes it clearer. I also realize that there may be highs and lows when I’m not testing that will only show up when I get a new A1C.

Thank you
Don Dean