A1C Numbers

When I saw an endo in Guatemala she gave me a card which translated A1C numbers into average bg numbers but I seem to have lost it in the move. I was thinking A1C numbers equate to the European style of multiply by 18 but that makes no sense because that would make 7.0 only 126. Can that be right?

I’m excited to be getting my free Walgreen’s A1C on Thursday. My last test was in May and covered the period of time back to March when I was still struggling with wrong insulin doses and unstable bg. I’m hoping I’ve come down from 7.2 into the 6’s. I pretty much know that’s where I want to be but am just curious about the translation of the scale. Thanks ahead of time!


Never mind!

Another site I’m on had a built in converter. Just fyi-6.0= average bg of 136.3 and 7.0 = average bg of 171.9

A1c’s are the same everywhere.

Actually you are mixing up the conversion of A1c to average blood sugar with the conversion of blood sugar in mmol/l to mg/dl. To convert from the european blood sugar standard units of mmol/l to american style of mg/dl, you muliply by 18. The relationship between A1c and average blood sugar is based on a great deal of observational evidence and the latest revision is called the A1c - Derived Average Glucose (ADAG). The formula for estimated Average Glucose (eAG = 28.7 X A1C – 46.7) can be found here http://professional.diabetes.org/GlucoseCalculator.aspx, where there is also a calculator.

Hope that helps.

Got it, thanks!