Went to 12.1. Not good, not good at all…

Hi Ivan! Sorry to hear about the most recent A1c… how do you treat your diabetes? Seems like you need a change in the treatment plan. Did you talk to your doctor about it?

Are you taking insulin?

I take pills, a slow-acting and a fast-acting insulin. I am on a diet and exercise regularly yet it is out of control. :frowning:

Hi Ivan, this must be so difficult. It is clear to me that something about the treatment needs to change. Many people are mistakenly diagnosed as type 2 and often have LADA (click here). Or it’s possible that you are type 2 and just need more or different meds. If you have insulin resistance, you need a lot more insulin. You should ask your doctor for a c-peptide (tests how much insulin your body makes) and GAD antibody test to confirm the type of diabetes that you have. If you body makes MORE than usual insulin, then you have insulin resistance. If it makes less than usual, then you probably have autoimmune diabetes which causes your body to not make enough insulin. An A1c that high means that you should find a doctor that is ready to try different treatments with you.

Hope that things will start looking up! Feel free to ask anything here… we know this process is NOT fun!