I just got my A1c back and it is 7.3!!!!! My last one in August was 7.6!

I am sooooooooo happy about that considering how much I've been struggling with my blood sugars! That is just so awesome!

I was really expecting this one to be higher. I can't believe it's not!

I am so happy! That just made my day!

Over the past just over a year my A1c has gone from 8.5 to 8.2 to 7.6 and 7.6 again and now to 7.3 so I just hope it continues a downward progress. I would be happy in the high 6s and I am definitely headed in that direction!

Great job Jen! congratulations on your success!! I know that it's been a lot of work for you, particularly your excellent blogs, but I'm glad you got a fantastic result!

Congrats Jen!

Good for you. I went to the Endo Wednesday, Nov 23 and I am now 7.0. Last time three month ago I was 7.1 so I know the feeling. Keep up the good work.

Jen- That is great news. We all know how hard you have been working to lower your A1c, and you have done it. Keep up what you are doing and the next A1c may be in the "magical" 6% zone. Awesome job !!!

I know that you have felt frustrated at times, but this must really make you feel like it is working. I think I live a little vicariously through you, so this really makes me happy.

Way to go!!

Never too late to congratulate you !!!...I missed your post till now ...5 days later :) ...the last day of Diabetes Month 2011 .