Lowest A1c ever!

I just got my A1c done today and it was 6.1!!!!!

My A1c three months ago was 7.2. Just over two months ago I started the Dexcom. I have never had an A1c so low in over 23 years of Type 1. For the past four years I haven't been able to get lower than 7.2! I am so happy!!!! And still can't quite believe it!

Suddenly the 5s don't seem so impossibly out of reach...!?!?!

Jen you rock!!!

Way to go fantastic well done

Wow!!! That is fantastic Jen :-)

Yay! Such wonderful results, happy for you Jen! Increasing your TIR has real benefits.

that is so awesome! congratulations!

Wow! Celebrate your persistence. You won a hard fought battle. You were smart to get the CGM.

Hooray! Am doing an internal happy dance for you!

Thanks, everyone! To add to the good news, my cholesterol is better than it's been in over eight years! (Except for my HDL, which went down a bit.) It doesn't quite meet the crazy <2.0 (<70) guidelines my endo wants, but it's within reaching distance, and this is WITHOUT taking any of the supplements he recommended (since I refuse to take medication) or losing weight!

Yay! You have worked hard and are an inspiration.

Mazel Tov! Great work!!!


Round of applause for you. How cool.

Great work Jen!!

Good for you Jen!!! So happy for you!!!

Awesome, congrats!

Well done.

You say your cholesterol is better than it's been in over eight years. How did you do that without supplementr or loosing weight?