A33 Error - Minimed Steps up - Backup Plans

A33 Error - means the sensors in the pump can no longer read the status of the reservoir. (full, half-full, empty?) One warning sign that this problem is imminent is that insulin shoots out of the canulus when priming rather then dripping out slowly.

Minimed Steps up - although I was on hold for 15 minutes and although a rep had to call me back, Minimed shipped a replacement pump right away. I had it the next day.

Back up plans - stupidly, I had none. I had no slow acting insulin on hand and had, frankly, forgotten how my MDI regimen worked. Fortunately, I had an appointment with my Endo that very morning and she gave me two levermil pens. Both my endo and CDE were “Outraged! Outraged, I tell you.” that Minimed was sending the pump by UPS to arrive the next day. Since they are located a mere 15 miles away, my team thought they should have couriered it over pronto! Or let me drive up to get it myself. I wasn’t so upset, but it’s a thought.

My CDE explained to me that my dosage of slow acting insulin (if I had any) is simply the total of my basal dosage for the day. If my basal rate is .30/hour, just multiply by 24 hours and, lo and behold!, my dosage is 8 units. Take 4 in the a.m. and 4 in the p.m. - If I (you) don’t have any long acting insulin around, you can use fast acting insulin (I use novolog) by giving yourself a shot every two or three hours of a calculated dose. In the example above 8 units/8 shots=1 unit every 3 hours. You do the math.

Speaking of back up plans, I also found myself with a dead battery a few weeks ago when I was on vacation and out in the boonies far from any late-night stores. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I always have a spare battery or two with me, but not this time, not when I needed it.

Memo: Always double check your supplies before traveling.

I was without any basal insulin for about 8 hours and paid for it.

Eternal vigilance - jeez I’m tired of it.

Can relate first time since I have been on the pump I have had a problem error A52 no long acting insulin and no backup plan Testing every hour and correcting as needed with Novolog. Can’t wait til 10;30 IN THE MORNING

Hi Terry, I just wanted to thank you for posting the information regarding the A33 error, how you took care of the problem, and how you coped until you got your new pump. That information was all very important to me just one hour ago when I got that very same error message. Due to your post I was able take care of the situation quickly and calm down. I called Metronic and they are UPSing a new pump to me. It should be here tomorrow morning at 10am. But, knowing how to treat myself until the new pump comes here has calmed my fears the most. Of course I don’t have any long-acting insulin around anymore, but I can totally use the math to figure out how much insulin to give myself every two to three hours. Thanks so much for the advice. -Christine