I took a regular bolus instead of a combo bolus by accident and I need it to cover a meal with extra fat! Any ideas on any solutions to this silly mistake. I’m pregnant so I need to try and get this stuff right!

you can maybe just combo for what you were supposed to over the length you wanted to, in addition to the regular. and eat a little extra carbs to cover the part that you took up front.

I didn’t have a pump when I was pregnant, and my blood sugar swings were pretty wild and my daughter was/is perfect…so don’t fret too much, ■■■■ happens

congrats btw :slight_smile:

thank you Donna
It’s good to hear from a down to earth diabetic!


I know its hard to not be worried…don’t get me wrong I was worried the whole time I was preggers. But the stress is just as bad for baby as high/low blood sugars.

so how did you make out after the oops?

You know, I was thinking, not only did I not have a pump, I was still on NPH and regular when I was pregnant…it was only after she was born, that my endo thought about trying novolog haha…and it was a year after that that I switched to lantus.

All I can share if it should happen again and to others who might do it is, test, test, test.

I did great after following your advice Donna :slight_smile: I took the combo portion of the insulin and ate some extra food and my BG levels stayed below 100 for the evening :slight_smile: so thank you!

I have done that before. My actions are/were:

  1. Cancel the currect bolus if it has not yet fully infused.
  2. Check the pump history and find out how much of the bolus was NOT administered/infused
  3. Do a combo bolus for the portion of the bolus that is left according to your original plan.
  4. As anothet poster said … test test test