Novice Pumper =Stupid Mistakes

I have been on the Ping for just over a week. This is my first pump; so I am very new to this technology. My problem started this morning when I decided to give myself a combo bolus(this was my first attempt at this) After I sent the combo it said RF communication lost need to pair channels. I decided to give myself a regular bolus after this. Then after I did this I looked in the history of the pump and found where most of my combo had been delivered. When I discovered this I then went and ate another 40 carbs to compensate for the extra bolus. I just took a BG about an hour after and it was 288. My A1C just went to hell. Now I’m at 321. What a way to start off the morning. Has anyone else ever made a mistake similar to this?

Nah, but we’ve all done stupid things, or not understood simple things in the beginning!

If a bolus is not delivered the pump will tell you - like if you move out of range or contact is lost - it will say “only .50 of 2.50 delivered” or something like that. Unless you are positive it didn’t dose, it’s safer to never double dose. As you found the history is always in there to be found. You also, when you go to bolus can see the Insulin on Board (IOB) which will keep you from getting in trouble. I wouldn’t worry about your “A1C going to hell”. One number is just one number. Once you realized the mistake and tried to compensate for it, it would be difficult to do precisely and you were probably feeling panic. Just correct, being sure to keep track of the IOB so you don’t stack insulin. And be cautious until you are more familiar with the settings and alerts! Hang in there, it will get easier!

After I saw my BG was 321 I decided to go for a walk of 45 minutes; when I returned my BG was down to 95 and then later went down to 52. Funny thing is this morning I had the same issue with the bolus; now smarter and wiser I didn’t make the same mistake again. It has been a better day today.

You got the same error message about the RF communication? Did you check your manual to make sure you set it up correctly? If it happens again, you might want to talk to Animas tech support because something is not right.

I personally found the learning curve for my Ping pretty stressful, though some people seem to take to it pretty easy. But once I got past that initial period, things got much better. There’s a lot to learn, both in terms of the software and the different management parameters.

Congrats on your better day!

Everything has gone better today. Tired of doing all the 4 hour basal test rates. Hunger pains are killing me now. Still can’t eat for another 2.5 hours.

I seem to get more stressed about changing the inset than opperating the ping. Something about shooting yourself just doesn’t seem right. I guess I’ll adjust in time.

I have had my Ping for two months, and have had that error a few times, not sure why. But first thing I do is dig the pump out and see if a bolus is running. If yes, I do nothing. If no, I double check the bolus history. Only once have I had to re enter my combo bolus.

Sometimes you just need to reposition. They just don’t always work just right. The pump should tell you at that point how much was delivered and if you want to deliver the rest or you figure it out. I like the combo bolus over time. They seem to do the best with spikes for me. Good luck