Aberrant values with Dexcom 7

I put my current sensor on 7 days ago and things have been great. Good correlation and as always, my control improves significantly when I’m on (should that go on the list of dTOE meaning to be hooked up to a CGMS system?).

I have an annoying tendency to get corneal abrasions (long story, should be taking drops, always forget). Well, my eye flared during the middle of a busy office day, and my drops were safely (and inconveniently) at home. I decided to load up on OTC pain meds to try to relieve the burn, so I took 600 mg of ibuprofen and 750 mg of Tylenol. About 90 minutes later, I was in with my last patient of the day and “BEEEEEP!” the Dexcom goes off. I sort of assumed it was a low, but was surprised because all afternoon had been flat line (another dTOE!!!). When I got back to my office, Dexcom said 339 mg/dL!!! I reached for the meter and got and nice 104. I rechecked, just to be sure, and got 111 mg/dL.

I had always heard that Tylenol effs up the Dexcom, but had never witnessed this personally. I was astounded by the discrepancy. I hadn’t seen this phenomenon with Real-Time, either. I’m sure many have heard of the Tylenol to CGM interaction, but anyone seen it?

Tylenol wiped out my daughter’s Dex 7 sensors once or twice as well. I read somewhere that if you take Tylenol you should put the receiver out of range for 4 to 6 hours; then when the Tylenol has cleared your system, the readings should be back to normal(ish). We didn’t do that - read it too late - but first time she had Tylenol, that sensor never got back to reading correctly. I don’t know if it was due to the length of time it had been in along with the Tylenol, but it was toasted. :frowning: