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“If people have a why, they will be able to find a how”, by Victor Frankel

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Where to begin. I’ve been diabetic for 26 years. I live in rural PA. There is only one endo within a 40 mile radius. When I first started with this guy 11 years ago, it was just him and another endo in the office. I really liked him and he was new to the area and took time with you.
Since then, the other guy left and it was him for quite a while. They were burning
him out and I could see a change.
Now they have slowly hired 3 physicians assistants and nurse practitioners. I have not seen the doctor in years.
I am frustrated because they never seem to be able to keep the same staff. They have installed a new computer system and so everyone walks around with their computers.
They pressed me hard to go to medtronic for a pump when animus went under with pumps.
They were unable to download my pump at my last appt and so asked me to call the company.
I called and I would send information 30 pages at a time with pump, meter and cgm reports. Actually I would hand deliver reports. I would then get phone calls wanting more information. MORE INFO?!?!?!?!?! What the heck? Now I admit I am not always the most patient patient. lol Anyway, This one practitioner came to this office from the diabetes and nutrition center. I met with her and ordered a new pump and stated that it could be ordered in a week. That is when my pump expired.
I left town for a family wedding and 6 weeks later I returned home. I waited patiently for a call or something about my new pump.
I went into the diabetes and nutrition center and asked what was going on? The receptionist looked and found all of my paper work stashed away in a file cabinet. Nothing had been done with it since my appt.
When she came to my docs office I told them I didn’t want to work with her. I explained my reasons.
Still trying to be a better patient, I drop off more “info”. Another phone call needing more information. All this coming from this Cristy.
The docs office got yet another new receptionist and I swear, no matter what I say she never smiles.
Well, after a stressful vacation in which I had to evacuate due to hurricane Florence. Another message on my phone asking me to call. This coming the day after I returned a call to the nurse.
What now? Of course every time you call they have no clue and have to look you up on the computer and read the notes to see why you were called.
Now I am frustrated because I feel like my care has gone downhill. So focused on the computer these days and then like a robot reading the information they have to read you about eating the same thing at the same time every day, the things that can happen, blah blah blah.
I have again simply become numbers on a piece of paper. No longer a patient who tries to be strong even though in the back of my mind I’m terrified. I’m physically and emotionally stressed with all the things I have to keep track of. This is only with diabetes. There this thing called life as well.
So, I blew a gasket. I totally lost it and unfortunately it was this nurses second day I think. I did apologize etc…
We have also been having problems with our phone here at the house and a few other stresses.
Anyway, over the weekend, I receive a letter from the office state they couldn’t reach me and that my appointment has been changed. So instead of meeting with the nurse practitioner as I have been for a couple of years now, I am meeting with the doctor.
I called and they arent really communicating much with me. Just that I need to see the doctor and I asked if I could see one of the other practitioners I was told that it was up to the doctor that I needed to see him.
So now I am sick to my stomach and in a panic. Is he going to drop me?
I called the insurance company and discovered that He is the only endo within a 40 mile radius and that if I see someone else further away, it will be considered out of network.
I don’t see him until the 13 of November. How do I not freak out until then? I am terrified of doctors. All doctors.
Always have been. Anyway. I guess I’m asking people if this type of thing has ever happened to them? Like have you ever felt so frustrated with the system that you just lost it?
Help. I’m sitting here in tears and I’m terrified.

In my past I experienced stuff like this too and I wonder if you could see another doctor, even one far away, like once a year or something and then for the rest of the year use something like “Doctor on Demand” where you could talk to a doctor on the phone or video chat and he could order your blood work every 3 months or so but it could be taken at a place close to your home. There are also places to order your own blood work online and have the results sent to you.