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Hi, I’m looking for advice and/or opinions on my son’s current situation. He’s 11 yrs. old. Last year was hospitalized 3x. Every time was the same…excessive vomiting that we could not control/stop, finally leading to ER visits, leading to admissions for dehydration, elevated labs, and “moderate” to “high” (40-160) ketones. As far as BG, once I started worrying about the possibility of T1, I checked his fasting every morning and it was consistently between 95-125. Of course, it’s elevated a bit more than that when he’s sick. He is always thirsty and his teacher has actually emailed me just a “FYI” that he goes to the bathroom a lot during his school day. His A1c is 5.4. C-peptide is 0.8. I would love any input. He has been referred to a peds endocrinologist. Thank you!