Toddler type1 diagnosis - questions

I’ve had type1 diabetes since the 3rd grade, and my dad and both his sisters also have type1.
Today, when picking my 4year old up from preK, his (usually quiet) teacher mentioned that he was urinating a lot. In just the past few days, I (think) I have noticed this as well (in hindsight). So after dinner, I took his bloodsugar and it was 204. Not wanting to prick his finger again, I got pee-sticks and it appeared to be perfectly normal in color a few hours later.

Of coarse, now i am worried, and questioning whether he is ‘getting’ diabetes, or if his hands weren’t clean enough when i tested, etc.

I assume that if he is just ‘getting’ diabetes (and his bloodsugar has recently started going high directly after meals), that when he goes to the doctor or gets his A1c that it will be OK for now.
(Besides getting a doctors opinion) how do I know when to merely continue to monitor (as i assume a doc will suggest, unless his A1c is bad already) - I would prefer that it not have to let it get worse to prove that there’s an issue (while i understand that it has to be proven more than an occasional high after a meal)? (and I am still hoping that it was merely unclean hands, or a bad reading or something else!!)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions (particularly parents of a type1 that was diagnosed early).


Make sure you wash his hands before all blood sugar checks. let us know what happens, my thoughts are with you.

Oh and if you don’t have one, get the Fastclix lancing device - I think it’s the least painful one out there.


I would not wait, and would take him to his pediatrician ASAP. Not worth the risk of DKA! My thoughts are with you.


I’m not a parent of a type I diabetes child but I wholeheartedly agree that it’s best to get your son checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. His frequent urination combined with his family history is reasonable cause for concern. It’s always better to know the facts than hope for fate to give you a pass.


Piling on to the previous comments . . . I would have him checked right away. If that results in a clear diagnosis, then you know what you’re dealing with and can move forward. If it doesn’t, you can keep an eye on him for the next while and see whether the symptoms (and the diagnosis) then change.

Either way, if you don’t check it now, you’re just guessing. Personally I am not a fan of proceeding without information when information is available.


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Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I will def be taking him to an endo (and checking his BS again after diinner tonight, with the ouchless lancet reccomended!

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big hugs to you and the little fellow, hope he’s handling this as best as he can!

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