Accu-chek Guide finger sticks versus Freestyle libre ....Which have you found to be better

I have used finger sticks for before and after meals and to gauge impact from exercise for many years. Changes in insurance forcing me to move away from my OneTouch meters to something new.


  1. For the people that have made the switch to the freestyle 14 day Libre what issues are you finding

  2. For the people that had to switch tests stripes because of insurance but when to another traditional finger stick system, are there any reliable product info reviews that show the pro’s and con’s of each of the meters/test strips?

You cannot go wrong with CONTOUR NEXT - strips are cheaper also

My wife uses the libre and only does one finger stick in the morning - it is working very well - she used to do at least 4

Contour Next compared to one touch is like comparing pearls to kitty litter


I like the Free Style Libre sensor, but if I bump my shoulder against something, the sensor falls off. Then I will prick my finger until the next time I would put on a new sensor.

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Thank you for your reply. I am fairly athletic and generally very active and that is one of my top 3 fears with the sensor falling off. Question: If a sensor falls off, can you re-apply it OR have you just wasted a sensor?

There is a way to reapply it - it is on the net

I put it on my wife and when I was ready to put it (last step) I dropped and it triggered ejecting the sensor from the applicator - I called and they sent another one - My fault

Anyway I looked at fixing it - you need to get it back in the applicator with the needle in the canula

It can be done by someone with the right tools who is highly skilled.

The major problem is one of infection because the sterility is comprised.

Long story short is that it can be done - but just throw it in the trash

I would also say if it was inserted in the skin and come off it is impossible as the sensor will prob fail and all the numbers would be off, never mind the risk of infection

They stay on my wife 14 days with no problems

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Here is a review and comparison of BG meters from 2016.


Do you keep on the libre during an xray, if its away from the arm?

Only issue with Libre is that it uses RFID technology. Every once in a the reader wont read the sensor properly and makes you wait 10 minutes before doing another scan.

I’ve found it to be with 15 points of my blood meters…so it pretty accurate. Put it on your arm…but it works just about anywhere. Just not “tested and approved” for anywhere else but the arm.

Before i got the G6 to use with the X2 pump i used the libre for almost a year.

The sensor stays put and does pretty well with body sweat. It’s super sticky yet didnt bother my sensitive skin…bandaids irritate my skin…this stuff didnt…but my g6 does…its whatever is in the particular adhesive used. I only had one get pulled out when my 150lb Alaskan Malamute decided that while we were rough housing around we saw the sensor and went oooh shiny and wanted to play with it. To be honest i had less issues with the Libre than my G6, but the libre doesnt connect to my pump.

It’s semi automatic insertion…you have to place it, and press down with pressure…it does the rest.

I think my only complaint is no way to really recycle the insertion device…such a waste of materials.

Lasts for 10/14 days depending on which one you have. However using an android device you can use the sensor roughly 3 days beyond its lifespan. As the app on the phone just reads the sugar reading. I would do this during the warmup period on a new sensor. So i always had a reading.

Hope it works for you cause finger sticks suck. Once you get a taste of that freedom…you wont ever want to go back.

Hi @Steven_amp_Diabetic, nice to hear from you. I hope you will use and find the list helpful.

Not easily done - I took one apart to study the innards
A masterpiece of engineering

There is no android app to read a 14 day USA sensor past 14 days

No, but I have the nurse use my other arm to take by blood pressure. And I hold that arm up while I shower.

Thanks for all of the great info!

Question: Does anyone have any data on the accuracy of the new Accu-Chek® Guide Me meter? Here is a link to the side by side Accu-chek meters

If you want to avoid the trauma (I hate them) of finger sticks and don’t want to spend a lot of money on testing, go over to your local Walmart and buy the “Reli-On” brand blood testing meter for < $10 and the strips (100 for $18.00). Uses a tiny blood sample (so you can do forearm testing if you wish) and is as accurate as the “higher-priced” brands.

I’ve been using the Reli-On system for several years now and it’s never let me down…

Thanks Fred_E. Reli-on was highly rated for accuracy in the url provided in this chat string . I used one in the past but it did not communicate directly with my Medtronic pump Do the new versions have that communication by chance?

I stopped using my Libre after 2 months.
I need mine for severe hypoglycemia, but my endo said it’s not accurate enough at recording lows, and she disregarded the fact that it says I’m below 60 80% of the time, so I figured, why bother paying hundreds of dollars a month for something my endo ignores?
I found that the libre reading matches my finger stick (different machine), but is delayed by 10 minutes.
My libre does not read below 40.

I found it immensely helpful with initially figuring out my patterns and what foods do what to me.

I’m praying insurance will pay for a Dexacom. Actually, I will probably try to get my insurance to deny it and then I will fight it to see if it will be paid for.

Also, for people who it tends to ‘fall off’ for, I think it definitely depends on one’s skin type. I practically need a crowbar to remove mine at the end of 14 days. On Amazon, they sell armband holders and additional sticker like patches to seal it on better if yours tend to fall off.
I loved mine so much compared to finger sticking, which I simply wouldn’t do unless I felt like death was coming.

The libre is spot on for lows for my wife - saved an endless amount of problems

I use Fixic Adhesive Patches over my sensor to keep it from coming off.
They cost $15 for 25 on Amazon.
Fixic Patches

I did finger sticks, then libre, then G6. A CGM, any CGM is invaluable. I actually learned so much with the input of 24/7 information. You just don’t get the kind of information of patterns etc with finger sticks. I mean you don’t usually do a fingerstick 30 minutes after you eat, but you can look at a cgm and know. You can look at it in the middle of that bike ride with just a glance. Or to know you have DP.

The libre is off, I used to adjust my dosing by how much each was off, because at least each sensor seemed to stay consistently off the same amount with me. The G6 you can calibrate so it will read a very close number.

But I found there wasn’t a huge difference if you were willing to figure out the Libre’s off amount between the two. The 2 major differences I saw? The Libre is by far cheaper but the Dexcom gives alarms.

The Libre for me stayed on really easy unless I hit it wrong on a door frame or seat, then it could pop off. The Dexcom, I had a heck of a time keeping it on until I started using Skin Tac with it. They don’t pop off it hit wrong then. And I can keep applying the Skin Tac as needed. Very useful as I keep them on a while.

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