Acetaminophen Pain Meds and Dexcom

I'm having major surgery next week. I will be having to take lortabs for a day or two which contain acetaminophen. I am on the dexcom 7 plus, anyone have experience with taking Tylenol containing products and dexcom? I've read some people have false readings and some have absolutely no issues. Any experience would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

I get completely false readings from the Dexcom if I take Tylenol. I usually just take aspirin instead, but if I have to take acetaminophen, I just pretend I don't even have the Dexcom. Effect lasts 6-8 hours for me.

Dexcom units are getting better and better in regards how they react to acetaminophen (this per a Dexcom rep I spoke with a month ago or so). I recently had major surgery myself and have been on all kinds of products that contain acetaminophen since then, and my G4 has been a-ok -- spot on.

However, I took a SINGLE Tylenol when I was using the 7+, and it went haywire. It shot up to 400 and stayed there for hours on end. Made the system entirely useless. I think you will get the same experience on your 7+. Can you upgrade?


There are other pain med options that don't contain acetaminophen. You should discuss with your doctor. Lortab is hydrocodone with acetaminophen. If you don't have kidney issues then there are alternatives that have ibuprofen with the hydrocodone.
I have had luck with tramadol and hydrocodone. It is ultimately up to you, but, you will probably find that your Dexcom 7+ doesn't work well when taking tylenol and you will have to test multiple times a day. It is important to have good control while recovering as you will heal faster and be less prone to infections.

I'd be more worried about the affect of Acetameinophen on my liver. Be careful how much you take, and talk to your doc about that if you are concerned. Like Brian said, there are alternatives.

Sorry let me clarify I am on the g4 platinum and have read people saying Tylenol affected their dexcom 7 but not their g4!!

Okay then. Right. You may or may not have issues then (again, the Dexcom rep said they can't say yet that the G4 is NOT affected by acetaminophen because some are and some aren't). Take a Tylenol and see what happens. That will give you good info to go on.