Dexcom and acetaminophen

I’ve been sick for the last 3 weeks and taking antibiotics that interact with all the NSAID’s (advil, motrin, aspirin…) so I’ve been forced to use acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain. Because I’ve been taking Tylenol daily and often, I just removed the Dexcom sensor. No sense having it on when all I get are ???. I’m finally getting better and taking tylenol about once a day. What would happen if I start using the Dexcom again? I know it won’t work while the Tylenol is in my system but what about several hours later when it wears off. Will the Dexcom start providing numbers again that are accurate or does the Tylenol destroy the sensor? Or is it best to just wait until I’m off the antibiotics and can use a different pain killer if necessary?

My dexcom rep told me if I needed to take tylenol for my extreme pain is to shut down the receiver for 6 hours then start it back up. After 6 hours the tylenol will be out of your system and its safe to use the sensor again.