Acidrock you can have both my pumps

After Acid’s pump died, I decided to get my new pump out of the box that it came in a few weeks ago and I even read the instructions, but it is very similar to my old pump. I was getting nervous to change as I have been having fairly good readings, but it was time for a site change and I thought now is the time then I can mail out my old pump to MM on Tuesday.

Took awhile to put in my old settings and learn a few changes on the new pump and the insertion was a zinger (way painful), had not had that in awhile. I ate dinner and my bolus left a wet spot at the site, so I am thinking bad tubing, reservior, BAD PUMP, omg. I just did my two hour test and my bgs is 257, holy crap and my correction bolus left another wet spot (I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS). Can you believe I wait almost a month to try my new pump and this crap happens (can you tell my bgs is high). I am so pissed off with diabetes right now and feel like major crapola, eyes burning, feet on fire, throat hurts, legs hurt, bunch of crap.

Now I will be up most of the night trying to figure out what is going on and yes I did a site change as I think it was a bad site, but no blood gusher upon removal, but it was painful for hours.

What a bummer.

I’m sorry you had to go through this.


I can’t even believe it, crossing fingers bad site, but go figure to have it when I change to new pump.

Sounds like a bad infusion set. The wet spot must be insulin that didn’t make it to the inside. The cannula may have a hole in it (not just the one that should be there).

You’re smart to change your set before dinner. I usually violate the “#1 golden rule of pumping insulin” and change my site just before going to bed.

Let us know how it works out tomorrow! Hope you improve and can sleep well.

I usually do it before I go to sleep, but it was a brand new pump. Never have had wet spot, craziness.

Just too much excitement …new pump , your US Independence day tomorrow …who knows :slight_smile: ?

I am not as brave as you Karen …I had my pump Nurse at my site, when I went to the MM Veo from MM 522 last Feb. and am glad I did !

Karen you & Acid are making me think twice about letting MM upgrade my pump next month! LOL! I hope it’s only the infusion set (kinda sounds like it) Good Luck and let us know how ur doing tomorrow.

#bgnow 281, third set change, no more leakage, almost ready to go back to old pump, far to many variables for me, I am losing it.

Maybe it is the pump. Gosh 3 set changes and ur still high??? WOW! I honestly don’t know what to say…

I will test again in an hour once you go this high it is hard to get it back down with normal corrections so I am not sure what the issue is

Yeah I know I usually have to take a few units in a shot to get it back down and it will take a bit even after doing that to get back down.

Karen , have you thought of calling MM stat ??

206 finally going down, oy!!

Never had a site leak insulin like that, what a special time to do it, ahhh!!!

Glad to hear that. I think I would have had 2nd thoughts about that new pump too if I had never had that happen to me too. But alas I have a few times…

If it’s a machine, it’s a given that it’s going to go wrong at some point. The liquid does sound like insulin not going in, and you were wise to change sets. But the other thing that I’ve been told to do by my CDE is that if you’re high, correct with an injection before worrying about what’s wrong with the set.

The one advantage of the old Silhouette was the transparent window, where you could see if the cannula was in right. With the Quick-sets, you can’t see anything. I had one go sideways instead of in, and couldn’t figure out why my BGs were going up – high BGs don’t help with the thinking process, which is why I think the injection idea is a good one.

Anyway, by the time you get this, I hope the problem will be happily solved! :slight_smile:

Karen, you should just get rid of the diabetes. It’s not worth the stress! :wink:

Thanks! Sorry to hear the pump transition is not going well. I am glad though that you are reminding me that just because they are shipping me a new pump, along with whatever enormous and menacing bill notices they send along with it, doesn’t mean that it’ll work.

no kidding, ha

Woke up at a 64 two glucose tablets, fell asleep and one hour later 91, phew, bad site, but…I have to figure out this new alarm warning that I cannot seem to shut down, it reminds you of a set change, guess I will have to read more of the INSTRUCTIONS.

LOL – I second that emotion!