At my last doctor appointment she mentioned that she might put me on Actos at my next appointment. As I usually do I came home and researched it and after reading about it I DON’T want to take it. I certainly don’t need the weight gain that seems to come with it, and the black box warnings scared me.

Can those of you on Actos share your experiences and maybe help me make a definite decision on wether or not I want to take it?

My name is Max. I was wondering if you or anyone you know has a horrible taste in their mouth from Actos? I am waiting for my Dr. to call me back about this. I have been on it for about 6 weeks.

I hope so, I can’t eat.

I hear that,I didn’t like the HUGE orange waring label on top of my warings page of the new med…but I waited then tried it…
I have called my doc 3 timmes allready
i am exp heart pouding,heavier than normal braething and yes weight GAIN!!!

read it and talk to YOUR doctor

My doctor mentioned (just on last Friday at my endo appointment) that there were other options other than Glyburide that she could put me on after I asked about other meds to help with my blood glucose level. She mentioned Actos AND Advandia, both of which cause weight gain. I told her…that’s okay…I’ll stick wtih the Glyburide. I just don’t need that type of problem added on top of working at keeping my levels within range. I exercise 5-6 days a week at my gym and I try to eat right. Liking veggies helps a lot…I LOVE THEM!!! I’m doing okay right now, but for the past couple of mornings, my levels have been in the 180’s. She told me (in a short version) to just eat enough protein because overnight the brain needs protein to send signals to the liver (I believe) to not produce extra glucose overnight. Some days I do fine, others, it’s a real struggle to come to grips that I have this disease. I’ve been diabetic for 10 yrs (Type II) and it’s always something new.

I told her that I feel really guilty for having diabetes and I’m wondering what I did wrong in my life to get it. I have always kept my weight within range by atteending aerobics classes and lifting weights, but after I had abdominal surgery (a hysterectomy) it just seemed as if I became a junky old car, losing all types of parts as I clunk down the street…lol…She told me that there is nothing I did wrong. Genetics play a big part as well as other factors. I must admit, diabetes run in my family (my maternal grandmother, 3 uncles and a cousin). I guess all of us have one vice or another.

Actos has been prescribed medication for Actos which has a link between bladder cancer and heart disease which is a very alarming. Though it has been announced that number of patients who seek for legal actions and pile up for actos lawsuit against the manufacturer as a result of the medicine but others were totally happy taking actos as their medication.