Merry Christmas to all. Now to business. I have been prescribed Actos to lower my blood sugars. After doing some online research, I have decided this drug is NOT for me. From what I can find, it is for Type 2 diabetes and I have Type 1. Has anyone else used this drug and if so, what, if any, side effects have you experienced? I do want to lower my BG, but not at the risk of heart failure, weight gain or muscle pains.

Merry Christmas, Lee.

Has your endo determined that you’re insulin resistant in addition to being Type 1? People can be both, so maybe that’s why your doc prescribed Actos. Noticed your A1c on your page. Eating low carb helped me lower BG quite a bit.

You may have been prescribed the Actos to help with insulin resistance.

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I had been research about actos which has been prescribed with type 2 diabetes and has this ff. side effects:

allergic reaction (as evidenced by hives; swelling of face, neck or throat);
shortness of breath;
swelling or rapid weight gain;
chest pain, general ill feeling;
increased thirst or hunger, urinating more than usual; or
gradual weight gain;
muscle pain; or
tooth problems.

Aside from the above data, it has been reported that actos has a serious effect which are bladder cancer and heart disease. Taking this medicine doesn't mean all the human being who take this have undergo this side effects. Elsewhere, some patients who are victims from actos has been seeking for legal counsel and filing for actos lawsuit to claim for the compensation for medical bills.