Adderall and Type 1 - complications, experience, advice?

Hi everyone. I am T1, on an insulin pump and have never had an A1C over 6.0. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and have started Adderall for treatment. I’m wondering if anyone else is in this same boat: what has your experience been like, does the Adderall affect blood sugar levels, etc. any advice or experiences you could share would be most helpful. Thank you!

Multiple family members take Adderall. It will take some time to get the dosage perfect, but like insulin once you get the dose right… it will make a huge difference.

Can't speak to the blood sugar aspect but your local pharmacist can answer that one easily. Not sure, but someone onsite will know that one I'm confidant.

It's a good medication and been around a looooooong time. Depending on the name brand, the dose, it will likely have a drop off, the same way for example that Lantus eventually peters out. e.g. as the day goes along, many varieties can run out before its time for the next dose, and might need a short acting dose, depending on which generic/brand name which you take.

Glad to keep the thread active for you, hopefully others will know this one easily.

I've been on Ritalin/Concerta for a good majority of my life. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 in May. Since then I have noticed that my sugars are much lower when I take the higher dose of Concerta vice my lower dose. I haven't gathered enough data to come to the complete conclusion, couple that with school has just started and I'm recovering from a broken leg. It wouldn't surprise me that it would have an effect on the sugars because of the physiological side effects of taking a stimulant.