It’s that time of day again
I’m high
Time to shoot up
I’ll pass out if I don’t
These drugs
They bring me back down
But too much
I get the shakes
And people stare
It’s rude to stare.
They judge me
People don’t know what it’s like
They think it’s no big deal
Like I can just get over this
Like it will go away
But this is my life
There’s no turning back now
I’m stuck here
But I am proud
To be a Type 1 Diabetic
My insulin saves me

Beautiful. I used syringes long ago but in public this is too much for most people. The insulin pen is much more discreet. People will realize that it is an injection but because of the sophisticated device used they will not jump to their normal prejudices.

I know! I am now using pens. I love it so much more! I gave myself a shot when i went out to eat with some friends of mine and when I was gonna inject myself with the syringe the waitress came up and hey eyes just bulged out. After i told her i was a diabetic and she understood, but told me she was getting ready to call the cops one me. We ended up just laughing it off.