Adding coconut oil to low carb diet can cause weight gain!

Guess I should put this here
Hey Skinny people!

This fresh off the press. Jenny Ruhl is saying that low carbers are finding thatadding coconut oil to your diet can stop weight loss. Anybody giving this a try?

Hey Michael, Have you tried this yet?

I might start doing this.I have jar of coconut oil in there that I have not been using. I just lost another couple pounds and now I weight 100! Eek! I have been gaining muscle too with my weights and everything so not sure how I didn’t gain anything! Wah!

Gaining muscle probably isn’t going to help much in gaining weight. The weight we are looking for, is a bit more fat. The problem is where the insulin is putting the glucose. In our case, it certainly isn’t in fat, it’s going to muscle. Which means it’s also probably taking out of our already low amount of fat reserves. If you’re working out, your muscles will be calling for nutrients. The best place to get it will be from your fat reserves so, there’s a pretty good chance that muscle may make you smaller.

I’ve just went through a jar of coconut oil and I’m going to get some more. I’ve picked up enough weight so I don’t look like a cadaver and it helps with blood sugar as well.

That’s weird. I gained weight while caring for my mother before she died as well. It came off very quickly after she died.

Really? That is the first time I have heard that. I always hear these stories that when you build muscle when working out to lose weight people often end up gaining weight but it is muscle weight gain.

Gerri on here told me, she used protein to gain weight not necessarily fat. She lost too much at the beginning and was too skinny and protein helped her gain back some weight and I am pretty low on the protein so I am going to try this.

When you are talking about insulin - are you talking about taking insulin or the insulin our bodies produce? Because I am not on insulin.

So you think the coconut oil has helped you gain weight? How much are you taking?

Probably stress? Stress can make you gain weight.

Okay, think of it this way. You are thin because your body prefers to shunt your glucose to your muscles not to your fat cells. If you start working out, you will, of course, gain muscle but your body’s preference hasn’t changed. You put on muscle but your body took the extra energy it needed to build muscle from your fat cells. The net result is you put on muscle but lost fat, maybe some water in there too. You shouldn’t lose much more though.

As to insulin, we’re all on insulin whether we inject it or not. I happen to inject it basically because this is what my body is calling for so why not give it to it? Still one thing is true, insulin controls where energy is deposited in the body. Insulin deposits glucose in the fat in overweight people and keeps it there.

I just add the coconut oil to food. I don’t know how much. I just use it till it’s gone. I think I’ve picked up a couple of pounds. I don’t think I look like a cadaver now.

Thanks Michael for explaining that.

I figure if I have to be thin that I would rather have muscle and be thin than just be thin.

I started eating about a tablespoon of coconut oil before I go to sleep at night. I just started so I can’t really say anything about my weight yet but it my skin definately looks and feels smoother and less dry already! :slight_smile: So I will probably stay with it even if it doesn’t help me stop losing - it has lots of other benefits too.

Try it in a stir fry or curry. I find it too greasy to take by spoon.

i eat coconut oil and drink coconut milk daily. it doesn’t add weight to me as much as cream or ghee does.

ghee seems to work the best for my body - because coconut oil makes me constipated LOL weird, huh?

I am new to this group and find this discussion very interesting. I am 5’3", weighed about 120 when I was diagnosed a year ago, now am down to 103. I exercise (resistance bands, cycling, etc.) twice a week, so I have some good muscle, but now that I’m so thin, my arms almost look skeletal except for the muscle. Would increasing my fat intake improve this situation? And why coconut oil? Why not olive oil or something similar? I do worry about losing any more weight, so I’d like to do something!

this is supposed to help. you could try olive oil - or ghee - or butter - just some good fat. coconut oil has beneficial fatty acids that are supposed to be very good for your immune system. i have found though that with very skinny people (myself included) who are inclined to dryness (vata) that it can be very constipating. olive oil or ghee or other beneficial fats do not constipate me the way coconut oil does. but give it a try!!!

and everyone is different.

myself, i am so thin now - 5’8" and under 110 lbs… that i am thinking about going back on insulin!!!

I was eating the coconut oil right before i went to bed and than I stopped for while. I eat one avocado a day and I use Olive oil on my salads and olives. Other fats I eat are nuts and chocolate. I am a vegan so I don’t get a lot of saturated fats. I also bought some coconut butter. This has carbs in though so be careful - it is basiclaly the meat and and oil and it is sweeter tasting so it is more platable than straight coconut oil. (this is the edible stuff not the stuff they sell in the beauty section to put on your skin! don’t eat that stuff! lol!

I think I might have a tablespoon of too before I work out. So far I think I am steady at 100 right now -(thank good) I am slowly adding different things back into my diet. With winter coming up I want more warm things - so soup etc. Bread makes me gain weight - too bad I can hardly eat any of it! :slight_smile:

geez - i can’t eat bread at all.

and yesterday my blood sugar was so high (250!!!) that i actually went and bought some regular insulin to try to see if it would help.

after several units did NOTHING (2 always worked before on 30 carb meals!!!)

and then again trying it with eating my low carb meals (6-12) and still nothing…

i have decided what i previously thought was true

that my allergies are really playing havoc with my blood sugar :frowning:


at least i have the R insulin for a emergency…

i have to get some of that coconut oil with the coconut in it… coconut by itself has very few carbs and a lot of fiber - i think it would work well for me!!!

The bread I eat is low carb - 7 carbs a slice! Haha! Yeah, I wish I could eat REAL bread. I want me some of that San Francisco SourDough - that is my fave bread. I was a breadaholic before - I am surprised i am surviving this.

Wow, It sounds like you might need a new treatment plan. Are you going to see your doctor?

what did you eat that it was so high?

The coconut butter does have carbs in it but it has the fiber too yes. Not sure if if will give the same benefits as Michael is talking about. But it is easier to eat because it is sweet. The Oil has no carbs. You can always just put the regular coconut oil in your dishes - coconut oil is a good oil to cook with because it doesn’t go rancid at high temp. I have used to pop popcorn - it makes a unique taste to the popcorn. Smells good too! :slight_smile: