Any tips on gaining weight?

I try to do a pretty low carb diet so I can keep my blood sugar in the normal range. But it is hard to get enough calories. I finally seem to have stabilized but would love to gain back some of the weight I have lost. Has anyone else had this problem?


I wish there was a way I could take some off the middle and send it to you. I have no clue and can’t relate at all. I have an eternal struggle with weight-keeping it down. I usually lose. Of course my metabolism is shot which doesn’t help. Good luck.

one way is to build up muscle mass. muscle’s denser than fat so that is one way to bulk up in a healthy manner. in fact i have friends who are perfectly slim to start with, but put on some weight after starting to hit the gym to do weight training.

I’m having a similar problem to this - I have lost one and a half stone since developing type 1, and I was pretty slim to start with, I have gained a small amount back since starting on insulin but I still have little strength and any muscle is almost non-existant. in all, I really need to find a good way to build muscle without my sugar dropping too low - any ideas?

Sorry but I have no tips on how to gain weight but I have to agree with Jack on this one. I can try to send you some since I too tend to gain weight in my middle! HA!

For those of you who are not English-American bilingual :slight_smile: one stone = 14 pounds. I;ve lost nearly 2 stone myself and would love to gain back about 5-10 pounds. I like the idea of trying to build muscle. I’ve started with a whey protein supplement and may try working out. I lost a lot of weight when pregnant due to extreme morning sickness and protein powder shakes helped then.