Adhesive allergy

Hi I'm new here and am wondering if anyone has any ideas to help with my adhesive allergy. I started using my Dexcom just over 2 weeks ago and have only lasted 7 days on a sensor one time. The itching gets so bad I have to remove the sensors. I am using a prep product called Allkare and it seems to help but not always. I also have trouble getting my skin to heal after sensor (and pump) changes. In my 22 years as a T1 I have never had a tool as useful as the Dexcom and really want to keep using it (until the artificial pancreas is ready!) so any help will be greatly appreciated.

I tried two or three before I found one that I didn't react to: Hypafix.

I have the same problem, and can vouch for Hypafix to tape stuff down. Also, Kerri @ Six Until Me (diabetes blog) has gotten great relief from Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads when nothing else worked. She inserts the sensor straight through the Tough Pad, so nothing but Pad ever touches her skin. See her blog for more. Correctly-sized pads available thru Amazon.

so you put down the hypafix and then put the sensor over that?

For me, not using anything to prep seems to help the most. I think whatever alcohol-ish stuff is in the prep products seems to dry out my skin and make it react really badly to the adhesives from the sensors and from my pumps. I just make sure I change it soon-ish after a shower, or wash the area with soap and water. Maybe try that if nothing else works? Good luck! The Dexcom is such a great tool, I hope you can find something to help the itching!

I just put it over the sensor when it starts coming loose. I don't put anything under it.

Try Cavilon spray by 3 M. Our daughter reacts to adhesive too. This spray works miracles! good luck, Stephanie

Has anyone got a bumpy rash near the adhesive but not directly under it? I have been using the DEX for over a year and never had a problem. Then this last week i felt a little itchy under the adhesive but nothing crazy. I then noticed that I now have a full blow rash near it, but it’s more so right next to it…i’m wondering if it’s related or just a coincidence that it’s in the same area as the sensor.