Anyone else allergic to the adhesive with or without IV prep?

Hello -

I have been using my Dexcom for almost a year - with no problems other than the adhesive rolling up on the edges. So I used IV-prep on the edges before I put on a new sensor/transmitter. (|Which my CDE recommended)

Now, I am developing a horrible rash...and its itchy and painful at the same time. Very sore feeling - has anyone else experienced this and if so, what do you recommend doing to resolve this issue? I might have to take off the Dexcom if the swelling gets feels like I got punched in that area. I just put a new Dexcom sensor on and I hate to have to throw it out and open a new one. Ughh...its been one of those weeks. I will not be using IV prep again!

I appreciate any advice.

when Jesse started pumping, he was using quicksets...

after a few months of using IV prep, he also would get a rash,

so we tried mastisol..... and after a few months of using that- he again started getting rashes ( red raised pimply )

So, we stopped using any extra adhesive wipes... and he's been fine since( he also now uses insets )

have you tried using the sensor without anythin g extra?? then if it starts to pel- use a tape? instead of the liquid?

someone else gave us a diff brand called skin tac- It's supposed to be for sensitive skin...... but we never tried it.

I get the same rash from IV Prep. Just about every rep recommends it when I have problems with "sticking" but it is the only thing in 7 years of pumping that I have ever had a reaction to. Now I just use a little medical tape after a few days when the edges start to curl.