Adjusting Lantus

This is my first month on Lantus. I started with 10 units each night, and slowly moved up to 20. My blood sugars in the AM have been over 120 each day since I started Lantus. This AM they were 165, but I've been as high as 235. My last A1C was 6.5 (don't ask how I did that, I have no idea) I used to be on Janumet and Amaryl, but thankfully no more Amaryl.....and now just Janumet 500/1000 twice a day. So, by this point I would have expected that my sugars would be evening out, diet is about the same, no additional carbs (30 for meals/ 15 snacks). What's up, I just don't seem to be able to bring this down and make sense of using Lantus. I'm not wanting to go back to more pills, but am I doing something wrong or does it just take time; and I am impatient?

You don't know what dose of Lantus will be required to establish a proper basal level. You just need to work with your doctor to figure that out. I would not be surprised if you needed more than 20 units, possibly much more.

SDkate, Give your insulin treatment some time. Like you, I was on 4 different meds to control my BG. I have been on meds since I was first diagnosed in 2005 as a type 2. Eventually for me, the meds where doing more harm than good. No matter what I did to control my BG, it still went up. Made me feel real bad, primary doctor would not do anything for me, but take my $30 co-pay. Had enough of feeling bad, missing work, and doctor not doing his job. So, back in April I found a endocrinologist.

The Endo performed blood test that confirmed that I was a type 1. Took me off the meds and started me on both Lantus and Novalog. Started on a low dose of 10 units. Used the Novalog only if pre-meal was above 150mg. By the end of May, 1st of June the dose was upped to 30 units of Lantus. Since then, my fasting sugar has been running under 110mg. Better, than 180 or higher, like it was in April. Recently, the doctor reduced the dose because I was having too many lows. Instead of one dose a day, the dose was split equally to twice a day of 10 units. Having a tight control on counting carbs, I rarely give myself a pre-meal injection of the Novalog. Since being on insulin, I feel so, so much better. Even my A1C came down from 7.5 to 6.5! Doctor is working on putting me on the pump. Good Luck!, and be well.