Need some feedback on BS numbers

I am just freaking out a little bit here cause I've never had low numbers within range before..... I went up to 27 u of Lantus at night, about three weeks ago. My morning numbers have been between 87 and 125 during that time. My night time numbers were a little higher between 126 - 168.....which even that is a little weird for me because of the higher numbers that I had been seeing. I am on Janumet 500 twice a day and Lantus once a day at 27 units. I had some kind of bug with a sinus problem and then a stomach upset and thought numbers would be higher with those infections but not so. Menu wise, it' been a holiday menu within reason with about 130 carbs per day or possibly as low as 100....and exercise has been 45 minutes 3 x a day.... So am I worrying over something that has finally become a good range or something I should be concerned about? Let me know what your thoughts are. I've contacted my CDE and doc....but then I'm not sure that's a good source to ask, Thanks

I'm not totally clear on what you're asking. Are you asking whether morning numbers of 87 to 125 are too low? Nope, they're great, as long as they're not causing you frequent hypoglycemic episodes overnight. Keep in mind a non-diabetic would be between 80 and 105 the majority of the time, and certainly in the morning after fasting, so the closer we can get to that, while avoiding severe/frequent lows, the better. So again, no need to worry, at least based on what you reported, if anything these are numbers to celebrate!

You're taking a lot of Lantus, many folks split their doses morning and evening to even them out more, so you might talk to your doctors about that. But if what you're doing is working for you, and especially if you're not going higher in the afternoon/evening on your current regimen, then you might just stick with what works.

Your numbers look good to me, too. When you have been having high BG levels for a long time, it is a bit of a shock to see the lower numbers. I know--I speak from experience. :-)

My cde told me at the beginning of taking Lantus about 6 months ago, that we would start at 14 units and go up until I reached a point at which my morning numbers were between 80 and 105 - 120.....and you are right, my freaking out is a lot to do with not seeing those numbers in the am. I have suffered lows before when I don't eat, and once or twice at night (in 16 years) Starting at 14 and working up to 27 isn't bad, as she also told me that she has people who are taking 100 U twice a day; but then they don't take Janumet either, I do. I see my doc on Wed....but as with most docs she's not the most educated in treating with some help from the Health Coach and CDE and nutritionist, I pretty much run the show...but even the best showman checks with a director every now and then. Thanks.

I've never taken Lantus but I've read that some people split it as they have perceived that it tails off sometimes, towards the end of the curve, which might be in keeping with elevated numbers at night? I have some challenges in eating a lot more food at night sometimes, it just seems to work out that way, so maybe that sort of thing might figure in it too but perhaps breaking up the dosage of Lantus might allow flatter coverage for your basal needs?

Good question for both my doc and CDE. Thanks for suggesting it.

Here's ironic and possibly stupid,.....I'm having those close to normal readings.,much lower than I've ever had and worrying about them. THIS AM, my reading was 161,,..and it was almost a relief, I know why it was that high, but it's what I am used to....this doesn't work anymore