Adult Onset

If you were not a child when diagnosed, At what age and how did you find out?

My doctor seems to think I’m an odd case, But from what I can see adult onset isn’t all that uncommon. I found out when I was pregnant with my dd at the normal glucose test at my OB appointment (I did tell them I had gestational diabetes with baby #2 and that maybe I should be checked earlier…they said no, but that bit them in the rear) Anyway, Just an hour or so after getting home from the OB appointment the ER called me and said get here ASAP! My blood sugar was almost 800.

So my new doctor walks in (cute as a button by the way…Old, but adorable lol) and tells me I have acute adult onset of type 1 diabetes. He continually kept telling me ITS NOT TYPE 2 and ITS NOT GESTATIONAL! You have it for LIFE! THIS IS NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY! sigh

I was 18. It is not terribly uncommon. You could have some tests run to see if you have some of the hallmarks of Type 1, such as a c-peptide test, diabetes-related auto-antibodies, etc…

I was 42 1/2 . My Specialist mentioned a few years ago , that she diagnosed a lady with type 1 at age 65. A fellow I just met diagnosed at 55 …I think , that the records show : more type 1-ers are diagnosed , who cannot call themselves juveniles.
Congrats on having a Doc as cute as a button …be awere!! I had a Doc who was very good looking; my BP always went high in his office :wink:

I was 29yrs. I think I was diabetic a few years before that,right after I had my daughter I started to not feel so good…

OOps, I forgot to add my age. I was 27 when diagnosed, 29 now.

Nel Peach, He’s not exactly a hotty, just very adorable in a grandpa kind of way lol. My dentist…on the other hand :slight_smile:

I KNOW I was in DKA for at least a week before we knew what was going on. But all the signs I had could be attributed to pregnancy…thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, vomiting and stomach aches. All of that sounded normal to me, I just had them to the extreme.

i got mine at 44 went to doctor because i lost to much weight fast not from dieting. told me i was type 2 put me on metformin for 1 month went back to doctor my bg was sky high they put me on insulin did more tests and found out i had late onset or lada T1.5 I am now on the pump and have great control feel better than i have in years i could feel it the first time i took insulin.

I’m 19 and was diagnosed just a little more than a month ago with type 1.

39 years old, diagnosed with Type 1 in March. Went in for a standard physical in November thinking I was in GREAT shape, only issue I had was some weight loss that I assumed was due to mountain biking a lot. But nooooo… fasting blood sugar came back at 319.

Local docs thought I was Type 2, I did a lot of reading, and eventually went to Joslin in Boston for a second opinion. They told me what I’d figured out for myself, I was Type 1. They didn’t think it was overly rare at all - they said they’d diagnosed people in their 70s and 80s as Type 1, and as far as they were concerned it could happen at any age.

I was 34 years old. Four months after having our fourth child I had a sinus infection. That seemed to be my trigger. BGs were fine after he was born but not after the sinus infection. Fortunately the doctor didn’t misdiagnose me as type 2 but knew immediately that I have type 1.

Sorry to hear that man. I know precisely how you feel.

I was diagnosed at 23 as a Type 1.5/LADA b.k.a. adult onset of type 1. It’s a little frustrating. You have to take it day by day. It could be worse, right?

Nah, you were cookin’ for years. The antibodies usually show up 6-7 years before diagnosis, sometimes even longer.

funny you mention the 6-7 years, my Endo said “Your body knows you have diabetes at least 10 years before you know you have it.” Crazy isn’t it?!?!?!

I’m actually happy about it. I get my kids tested annually now for antibodies and if they come up positive, at least something can be done about it.

I was diagnosed at 21 with type 1 diabetes. Supposedly adult diagnoses are becoming more and more common.

About 10 months before I was diagnosed, my fasting blood sugar was normal. So I consider it a relative “fast” onset. Perhaps the antibodies were around for years… this is the first time that I heard about anti-bodies being around for so many years before being diagnosed! I will definitely have my kids tested for antibodies in the future!! (I don’t have kids yet!)

I read a comment of a endo the yesterday. He said that only 60-80% of T1 test positive for antibodies…?! He also said that it is because mostly the doctors only test the one antibody pancreatic antibody - and there are 4 antibodies that should be tested

I was diagnosed as T2 in my early 30’s. 55 now. Since I am now on the pump and my c-peptide was 0.5, I wonder if that diagnosis has changed. Next time I go to the endo, I’ll have to ask them.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


Did you get the antibody tests to confirm an autoimmune diabetes diagnosis?

I was told I had “prediabetes” in my 20s. Then I developed GD immediately after getting pregnant though I was slim. This was in the bad old days before they gave patients meters so I have no idea what the blood sugars were. I was diagnosed at age 50, finally. But I don’t have autoimmune diabetes, just insulin sensitive diabetes that appears to be some form of MODY.

There are a lot more people with LADA out there than most doctors realize. Estimates are that 8% of people diagnosed with “Type 2” have autoimmune diabetes. There’s a spectrum of how intense LADA can be, and my guess is that there are a lot of people who have very slow forms that are mistaken for Type 2 long-term.

Yes, But I don’t remember the specifics, My head was still spinning while my doc was talking to me and I only heard maybe half of what he said.

I was 33 when I was diagnosed.