Introducing Myself

Hi everyone! I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself. I am 27 and was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2010. The diagnosis was a complete shock as I’ve always been healthy and have no family history of diabetes. The first doctor I met with treated the diagnosis as if it was type 2, but my endocrinologist supsects it’s 1.5. I’ve connected with some really great people in the diabetic online community via Twitter and am hoping to do the same here. The last few months have required a lot of learning and many adjustments, and the most helpful thing has been hearing from others with similar experiences.

Hi Katie: Welcome! TuDiabetes is a great place to connect with people and get support. There are lots of us here who were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as adults (adult-onset Type 1 is sometimes called 1.5 or LADA). Being diagnosed is a terrible shock for most people, and the first year is such an adjustment. Have you talked with your endo about going on insulin? Or are you on exogenous insulin already? Take care! Melitta

Welcome to our community Katie!! I’m the same age as you – diagnosed with type 1 at 21. I think that you will love this community… I do!

Here an older gal …misdiagnosed at age 42 plus in 1983 ; went on insulin 2 months later …now at age 70 …I am still learning , because I want to …be well with a wish from Canada !

I was diagnosed with Type 1 September 2009. I was 57. So welcome. The fact that there is no family history often points to Type 1, not Type 2.

Hello Katie – I was diagnosed at age 30, also in the month of January - but in 1984. I know it’s a cliche but knowledge is power, especially in treating T1 diabetes. Even more important than knowledge is a good attitude. Keep your chin up and never lose hope. This is a good place for info and encouragement.


Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! It sounds like a lot of people have had similar experiences with a type 1.5 diagnosis. I’m looking forward to learning more from all of you!

Welcome, Katie. This is a wonderful place for knowledge and support. You are right…hearing others’ experiences is so helpful, emotionally and practically. Good luck.