Advancement in islet cell transplantation

I just came across this article. I thought you might find it interesting…


City of hope in losangeles is running this exact study.
I went through the application but then I chickened out when covid hit. I might still consider it. However it requires 3 transplants to get off insulin and there is a surgery for each transplant. They access your hepatic vein and push the cells in liquid form.
But it requires sedation and opening ur abdomen even just a small cut. But still I have a hard time with sedation. Some physical some mental. I get really sick from it. And also I have some anxiety about it.
So for now I’m holding off.


Interesting. The article made it sound much less invasive even comparing it to the much more invasive process of infusing them into the portal vein of the liver. Still, with the advent of covid, I’m surprised they were even able to get a trial underway.

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This was a very interesting article! Thank you for sharing.