Advice for a beginner

Hi - I’ve just started running, and I am wondering what tips people have for managing blood glucose during and after running, and especially with a pump. I don’t like to eat much before or while I run but I have difficulty figuring out what basal rates I should use before and after to stay in a good range. Thanks.

I’m on a pump as well and also have a CGM (which is useful for seeing BG trends). Not sure what distances or durations you are starting with/planning on - I’ve tried a number of different things and will share a couple initial thoughts.

Having some carbs in your system to “burn” while working out is important based on my experience (don’t have to eat a lot - might try gels, Cliff bars/shots, etc. that act quickly). Reduce the basal rate and intake carbs at least 15 mins prior to running. This may be a bit of trial and error - I’ve used a 40% temp basal on anything over an hour. Carry some carbs with you…remembering that any activity you’ve done earlier in the day may have an impact on you several hours later ex. (I had a low on an hour run which likely resulted from several hours of intense yard work earlier in the day).

My current plan is very different - I’m now on 0 basal during training over an hour and bolus for carbs consumed using a sliding scale - basically saying there is not a one size fits all for this.

Refuel with protein/carbs within an hour after running is also important (and bolus accordingly - making sure to give the insulin time to work - I’ve bolused about 15 mins prior to the end of the run if I plan to consume recovery fuel immediately afterwards). Be aware of lows at 3-4 hours after running. Hope this provides some help - happy to provide other thoughts if you’d like.

Hi Amanda,
I have been running for a little over a year. I ran the 10k of the Air Force Marathon this past Saturday. It was an AWESOME race, very humbling to run with the military on Wright Patterson AF base. I also have a pump. I have learned over time that for me to feel comfortable running I have to have an elevated BS when I begin generally not below 180 and I dial back my basal to about half of my norm for the amount of time I will be running. I am a real chicken about going too low…I have never had a hypoglycemic indecent that I couldn’t handle myself & that’s the way I want to keep it :slight_smile: Just this weekend at the Expo before the run I found a very useful tool from Since I would never run without my meter, my cell phone, & instant sugar finding this cool little apparatus was a dream come true (previously I had used a Nathan belt that held a Gatorade…much too heavy) I am hoping by continuing to tweak my pre-run BS with my basal rate I will become more comfortable running with a lower BS#, but for now this system is working for me & I am having a ball running. Good luck to you & Keep Running :slight_smile: