Afrezza: dead again?

I planned to start using Afrezza on an intermittent basis, to treat highs that are not responding to fiasp quickly enough. My doctor sent the prescription in and my mail order pharmacy (Optum Rx) contacted me and said that Afrezza is no longer being manufactured. Is this true? I don’t see anything on the Internet about this. I know Afrezza was put on hold for a while during 2016 but not since then. Anyone?

I’ve been using Afrezza continuously since 2015, almost entirely to correct highs. I just received my 90-day supply order a few weeks ago. I haven’t read any reports, before your post, that Mannkind has stopped producing Afrezza. I hope that your supplier simply has some bad info.

I found this info, published a month ago (5 January 2020) at DiabetesMine, that gives no hint of any corporate distress.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Afrezza

Hello, BluHale! MannKind Corp., makers of Afrezza inhaled insulin, tell us they’ll be launching a BluHale Pro in 2020, specifically for healthcare providers. This add-on adapter will allow the Afrezza inhaler device to feature connectivity.

While it won’t include dosing data initially, the BluHale Pro will monitor inhalation technique for doctors to use in training new patients. The unit is compatible with Android, iPhone and Microsoft devices. It flashes a green light if the Afrezza is inhaled properly and a red light if not. Doctors can view the tracked data on these instances and then offer their patients advice on how to best use Afrezza. BluHale will eventually be able to track and share dosing data as well.

MannKind’s CEO Michael Castagna says they also plan to start their Phase 3 pediatric trial soon, which is the last step before pursuing regulatory OK for Afrezza use in children.

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I have also not heard they are stopping production. I do know that I have to battle with my insurance company. Every year I get a letter stating they may have to evaluate whether it is medically necessary. So far we have been winning that battle. Between my doctor and the folks at Afreeza. Keep pushing. It’s probably the insurance company not wanting to pay.

I could see the insurance company saying it’s not available anymore , just because it’s not on their formulary list anymore.

I received Afrezza in the last week of December, so seems highly unlikely. It may just not be on your plans formulary.

I would just call Mannkind. They’re very helpful!

P.S. I really love Afrezza. Having an insulin that works that fast is a total game changer.

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I get my Afrezza every month. Got it in January although my pharmacy was having trouble getting the system to release the correct amount of boxes to completely fill my prescription so they had to do 3 separate fills :roll_eyes:.

Thank you all for your responses! I called the pharmacy again, for the 3rd time in 2 weeks, and this time I was able to talk to an actual pharmacist instead of the customer service people. The pharmacist told me that the manufacturer stopped making Afrezza in the dosage my doctor prescribed :roll_eyes:, which was 30 cartridges of 4 u and 30 of the 8 u. The 4 and 8 u cartridges are now only available in 90 cartridge packs, unless you buy the 12 u cartridges too and then there’s a package with 60 cartridges of each the 4, 8, and 12 u cartridges. Mystery solved. Thanks again everyone


Thanks for the update, @Cat99. Communication is tough to do well and accurately. Many corporations struggle to keep their customer service staff trained well. Plus it’s not a job that pays well either.

Your clarification makes sense. I only buy the 4 unit packs of 90. It looks like Mannkind delivers a total of 360 units in any package but breaks it down using 4, 8, or 12 unit cartridges. Seems like you could simply order the 90 count of 4-unit cartridges and still be able to take the dose size you want but would then have to inhale two fours instead of a single eight. Or just order some boxes of 8-unit combined with some boxes of 4-units to achieve the same thing.

Good luck. I appreciate your follow-up here.


I fill mine through local pharmacy because I use a coupon card. I generally don’t pay more than $30-40 per fill of 4u or 8u with the coupon card. I just filled it a couple weeks ago so it’s definitely still available based on that. My endo is also really connected in the industry and they would’ve mentioned it in my last visit last week.

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When I tried it in 2017, trying to receive 4u cartridges with 12u was impossible with optum rx…I finally ended up switching to 8u and 4u, and gave up on the 12u, but it sounds like the switch makes more sense…most 90 day prescription companies could not mix the combos… I tried to remind them that it was 2017, but they were not amused…I ended up with a refrigerator full of expired 4u cartridges