Afrezza Prescription and Questions

I’ve got a script for Afreeza that I have been using for corrections and an occasional high carb meal. My doc didn’t know how to prescribe afreeza since I am the first person that he has prescribed it for. My prescription is for the 4 unit cartridges only. However, if I’m interested in using it more I do see the need for 8 unit and 4 unit cartridges. Can anyone tell me how much your afreeza prescription is for (understanding that everyone is different). I’m just curious to know how many cartridges to ask for if I want to pursue Afreeza a little further. I’m also using humalog in a pump.

Another question: What are your experiences with exercise and weight loss with Afreeza?


We’ve been researching Afrezza for mealtime recently and while I can’t give direct user feedback yet, there seem to be a few users on this forum and a couple previous forum posts that were informative. I found them using the search forum feature. Also, if you haven’t already been there, check out the blog at afrezzauser dot com …seems to be a pretty experienced group of users there that are experiencing positive results. Best of luck,


Most of us have found that overall we need significantly more units of afrezza than we did of injected bolus. My best advice is to give it a try and then if you need your quantity adjusted give your doctor a call and tell them.

I get 60 8u cartridges and 30 4u / month. I didn’t often take more than 5u of novolog for any given meal. I find the 4u cartridges to be a quite small dose for me-- so generally I consider the 4u only for quite low carb meals or corrections And most reasonable meals are covered pretty nicely by an 8u. At first I was pretty concerned about the inflexibility of that quantity, but it’s worked out just fine. I still use novolog some though also as it is a better fit for slow digesting foods whereas afrezza is vastly superior for fast digesting carbs.

I had weighed less than I wanted to ever since my diagnosis while taking novolog… Since I got afrezza I’ve been able to broaden my diet a fair bit and increased my weight up to where I’d like it to stay.

Sam- a question on your 30 4u of Afrezza. Have you had any issues with Afrezza by opening the 4u package of 30 cartridges and using the cartridges over the course of an entire month? The package says that the unopened blister strips can be stored for 10 days at 25 deg C (77 deg F) excursions permitted. Or do you just keep the opened package and unopened blister packs in the fridge between 36-46 deg F until ready for use?

Once I open a pack I generally just leave it out of the fridge, since as you stated its only good for 3 days once opened but good for 10 days at room temperature-- I speculate that means that being exposed to atmosphere deteriorates it much faster than being at room temp— so i generally don’t bother to refrigerate once opened-- though i would if my “room temp” got warmer that the specs you listed.

I think you’ve been using it yourself right? So you realize that the “package” contains all 30 cartridges-- i only open one “blister pack” which contains 3 cartridges at a time… Sealed blister packs, inside the fridge, last years even if the “package” is opened

Thanks. I have been using only the 4u cartridges but will be going to 60 4u and 30 8u prescription this week and was just making sure I could spread the 8 u carts out over a full month.

Yeah you’ll be fine… If that’s a good quantity for you there shouldn’t be any problems