After lying to the sensor

Those who have responded, Thank You. Going on day five on the minimed cgm. What are the symptoms for time to change the cgm?
Thanks, Sid

You might find the readings to be less accurate… or you might find an increase of ??? signals or… as Mark said, you might go right through to the end. If so, you can restart it and try to get more time out of it. It’s very much hit or miss. Many of mine go 7 days, 20% go less than that (call and order a replacement) and once in a while you’ll get an awesome one that runs 10 days of more.

In general, the trick is getting it to STICK to you in the last couple of days (plenty of posts about how to do that).

Mark and Marcus,
I have only been on the CGM for a week. In a couple of week I will see my educator for CGM training. I just started early on my own. So, I guess it is like everything else in this world of being a diabetic, you may understand the science but it is an art to getting it under control. Have not had any trouble with the tape coming off. A thorough scrubbing with the alcohol swab will take the oil off the skin. Giving it time, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Just a little impatient.

when you want to gouge the site out with your bare hands, it’s time to change. :slight_smile: mine itches like crazy! and the readings will be more than 50 pts off…