Cgm sensor

Going to start on the CGM. How long can you wear the sensor and how can you tell it’s time to change it?
Thanks Sid

I use the Dex and my current sensor is on day 8. Which one do you use - Minimed, Dexcom or Abbot?

I use minimed and change mine about every three days when I change my pump. I follow the documentation but I see others in the forums who leave theirs in longer. I find that three days is good as the site gets irritated the longer it is in.

Like John said, it depends upon the brand of sensor… I use miniMed. I’m currently on day 5. At the end of day 3, my pump told me Sensor End. I turned the sensor feature off for five minutes and tricked it by leaving the transmitter attached and telling the pump to start a new sensor after the five minutes. Then, after two minutes, my pump read Meter BG Now (to calibrate), and I was up and running again. I will attempt to reach day 9.

Sorry I neglected to mention brand. I use Minimed. Can anyone tell me why the sensor goes bad? Is it a chemical reaction on the probe? Wonder if anyone tried to clean and reuse?

My niece not been cgms-ing a long time. With Minimed’s sensors (she stopped using a few months after starting), she would get seven to nine days. We just started with Dexcom 7 Plus. She has consistently gotten 9 or 10 days out of each sensor so far. We were hoping for more on this last sensor, because it was an inconvenient day to change it, but today was Day 11 and we had to change it because the readings were just way, way off. Lots of ??? marks. Restarting did not improve it. So we knew it was time.