After vitrectomy

Got a concern, I had my 2nd vitrectomy about 2 weeks ago, my vision is getting better every day, but this morning, I noticed a black spot I was seeing in the top of my vision, it goes away and then comes back, is this another bleed that’s about to start or is this normal?

I would call my retina doctor, just for peace of mind.

Have you had any post-surgery check ups since the surgery?


Yes I had a checkup almost a week ago. She said everything looked good. And I called the drs office a little while ago and she said it sounds like a floater, I dont see it anymore, I’m still nervous about it but she said to call back if it gets worse

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I will get floaters but they are small and move around my eyes.

It’s a little bigger than most floaters I ever had, it’s just one speck, it’s not huge but bigger than usual floaters. I’m not seeing it anymore, it floats around to the back of my eye I guess and sometimes I can see it again.

It’s been several years now, but if I recall correctly, the incision site generated a significantly larger “floater” which lasted several weeks before it fully healed.

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I feel better about it, I haven’t seen it today, they said that’s a good thing that it moves around

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Now I notice more floaters :frowning: I’m so nervous, I just started getting a little vision back in my eye after months and now all of a sudden black dots floating around, I’m calling for an appointment tomorrow

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An appointment is probably a good idea. I do recall having floaters for quite a few months after the operation. In fact, I still get occasional floaters several years later.

That’s good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

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Ok so now I have been having more floaters and for about a week I’ve noticed a blue spark on the edges of my vision, I know these are signs of retinal detachment, oh I’m so scared, I go to the dr at 1:15 and I cant wait, its driving me crazy

you might want to call them back.

this is why I never complain about sometimes having to wait 2 hours to see the eye doctor. emergencies happen.

thinking of you!

Thanks, I’ll let you know what the dr says, I’m so nervous

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I’m sending you good thoughts and prayers, along with a few hugs!

Thanks so much

Doctor seems to think everything is in the right place, he also seems to think that the floaters and flashes of light is because of the gas bubbles, I have 2 gas bubbles in my right eye

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