Eye Floaters are driving me crazy – could it be retinopathy related?

Hey all,

I ve been experiencing a significant increase in seeing these eye floaters in my vision (you know these little dark or see through spots that float around when I move my eyes). I have had this for years to some extend but lately it seems to have really increased and its actually impairing my vision.

I ve been to the eye doctor about 5 months ago and he said he could see the floaters (when inspecting the background of my eyes) but they were nothing I should worry about...

I ve only been diagnosed under a year ago so I would be surprised if this was already a diabetes related complication but you never know - so I thought I d ask around here to see if people who have retinopathy have experienced floaters as a symptom?

Thank you for feedback!

Eye floaters are actually much more common than you think. It isn't just about diabetic retinopathy, it is a natural result of aging. Cells can clump together and float around and there is no real mechanism for "cleaning." Many people find that they clear up on their own.

Despite that, it would be prudent for you to regularly see an ophthalmologist. In the US, there are optometrists who provide basic eye care services. They get a college education and 4 additional years of professional education. An ophthalmologist is actually a medical doctor, having a college education, 4 years of medical school, a year of internship and 3 years of residency. While an optometrist can diagnose many conditions, only an ophthalmologist is able to provide the treatments.

My medical insurance covers my visits to the ophthalmologist. I always choose to see an ophthalmologist. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the floaters, but I make sure that I see an ophthalmologist and ask about them (again).

I have had some interesting hallucination type of visual distortions when my BG runs low. Not perhaps as much these days as I've been super crazy hypo-free for a bit (*knocks on wood*!) but like mildly trippy things. I agree with Brian that it's a good idea to get it checked out!

I wouldn't worry too much about them, like others have said. But I would suggest seeing an ophthalmologist too. I've been told that floaters are pretty common, and as long as they are moving around in your vision and not stuck in the same place, then you should be OK, and they will eventually clear out. If the spots are in the same place all the time, then you should definitely make an appointment with your eye doc.

I had an increase in floaters too at one point and then started having little sparkly flashes in the corner of my vision. I went to the ophthalmologist and he diagnosed it as I think vitreous detachment, I'd have to look it up it was a couple years ago. It wasn't diabetes related, but natural aging though you seem too young for that. He said it was no big deal but should be checked on to make sure it didn't develop into something else that was more serious (I forget what). We followed up six months later and it was better. The symptoms have gone away completely now and my last ophthalmologist visit he saw no sign of it. I was surprised to hear that eye symptoms can be something minor, but glad of course, so hopefully yours is too!

Echoing Brian:

(1) Floaters are extremely common, nearly everybody has them eventually.
(2) A person with diabetes absolutely should see an opthalmologist once a year for a routine checkup.
(3) I do not have vision care but my medical insurance does cover the opthalmologist visit because the issue is medical, not a glasses prescription.

What my opthalmologist told me when I asked about floaters, a few years ago:

(1) See #1 above
(2) The only time to worry is if there is a very sudden, very extreme increase, i.e., one minute things are normal and the next minute you are completely overwhelmed by them. If that happens, get to an eye doctor immediately. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

You’re young, haven’t had the condition for long, and have it in good control. I highly doubt diabetes is causing any damage to your eyes any time soon. I get eye fatigue and blurry vision a lot just from staring at paperwork and computer screens all day… Different factors can strain people’s eyes

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