Ah, crap

So, last week, after seeing my numbers, which were basically 100% normal, my endo provisionally changed my diagnosis to T2, pending results from autoantibody tests. Well, those all came back. ICA2 was 2.9 (reference was under 1) and GAD65 was 165 (reference was around 3). Apparently, LADA patients are around 5-10 for GAD65, usually. So, crap, guess I am T1 - on 2 units of basal a day for months. No covering carbs since August. No idea what the hell is going on, and the endo is out of ideas as well.

Right now, I feel a bit like someone kicked me in the tender parts. You know what the odds are, and this is what I was expecting, but still . . . you hold out hope, and think, “well, just maybe . . . .”

And the worst part is, I’m stuck at work, can’t reach my fiancee or mom, and can’t just run off and disappear . . . .

I need a hug.

virtual hug

So sorry to hear about this. I can’t imagine how fustrating this must be for you. So, does this mean that you’re diabetic for sure… but without a clue as to what type? okay… you need another hug. hug

well, it’s definitely T1, but with that GAD65, I should have no pancreas left. He said he’s never seen someone with those numbers do so well (A1C was 5.2. Yippie skippie!)

Thanks for the hug, though!

Wow, that’s an aweosome A1C! That must mean that your average BS is pretty low, right? Eh… who needs a pancreas anyways, right? I’m only kidding. Anyways, I hope you guys get this all figured out. What’s the next step?

Mazel Tov on the great A1c!!!

Average would be around 102-103, I think.

As for next steps, well, wait until my pancreas craps out entirely, and then back on the injections, I suppose. We’ve been treating it as T1 all along, except that I couldn’t tolerate short-acting insulin at all (it was dropping my sugars through the floor - how does 2-3 symptomatic hypos a day grab you?) So, essentially, it’s a waiting game.

With these positive antibodies,you have autoimmune diabetes caught early on.I have a four old boy with normal HbA1c,positive antibodies and with postprandial high BG if he ate high CHO meals.Because type1 is in the family,the mother caught him early.

well, I had high sugars, ketosis, etc. at diagnosis, but then I seem to have hit the mother of all honeymoons. So in that regard, I’m lucky, I suppose - as lucky as you can be with this diagnosis . . .

Hey Dov I’ve been watching you, because you seem to be going through similar things to me. So, I’m doubly depressed to hear that you’re Type 1 because it means that I could be too! hug Hang in there! I know it’s a big blow now, but I’m sure things will look up once you’ve gotten used to the idea.

wow, reading this is confusing. So you are now T1 but with an awesome A1C . Congrats on that. Keep up the good work. Will you be posting something about donating for Lois’ computer ?