Air bubbles issue

We get air bubbles, lots of air bubbles.We use paradigm pump, room temperature insulin, we flick the reservoir after filling and remove all air bubbles. There are NONE visable ( hold it up to the light) when it goes into the pump and the next day bubbles again. We flick them again to top of reservoir and push them into tubing then purg out the line. Every day we check our tubing and when needed purge the bubbles out. I am now using a new batch of reservoirs and still have BUBBLES! Anyone with some info on how they solved the same issue? thank you

I overpressure the insulin bottle, by putting in more air than I'm removing insulin. I don't have any problems w/ bubbles. I also hold my pump "up" when I'm priming it, to put the bubbles in the tube first and get rid of any "strays"

What type of insulin are you using? I've noticed that I had few air bubbles with Humalog and Novolog, but I have a few more with Apidra. On top of the high pressure in the vial, it could just be inherent to the insulin.

I have had that problem over the years with my paradigm pump. Like AR, I inject about 1/2 the amount of air into the insulin bottle that I plan to draw into the cartridge. After I fill it, I remove the cartridge and leave the other end in the insulin bottle which allows the pressure to stabilize. I tap and prime with the pump in an up position.

Year or so ago I had a lot of problems. I always thought that the cartridges were not right, that the O rings were just not tight enough. I know there was discussion here and I am assuming people calling Medtronic to report problems. I sent several cartridges back to them and the bubbles were clearly visible. Then it stopped, so I always wondered about the manufacturing. Maybe they are having problems again?

I put like 1.5x the amt of air in vs. the insulin I'm taking out, so the pressure "pushes" more. I think this creates some tension that may be useful to managing bubbles. I have no evidence of that but haven't noticed any problems with bubbles for my pump since I started in 2008.

I've learned to let the insulin warm up to room temp for a full hour. I see more bubbles even at the 45 min mark vs 1hr.