Air Travel and Insulin Pumps

Just read this facinating article and wanted to share it. I ALWAYS go low after getting off a plane trip and now I know why!

Hi Ronda, That's funny. I've been pumping for 4 years now & find I usually get high from just sitting in the plane with no exercise etc. Just take more insulin & it works out fine. I admire you traveling with a small one. Never had to do that. Was still on those nasty old injections (Lantus and Novalog) when my kids were small.Read the website - interesting. Glad to know about it though. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting. My control with my pump has always been hit or miss - tightening things up now and will get a CGM soon. This is good to know even though I don't travel as much as I used to.

Thanks for sharing this blog post!

Thanks for sharing this.....interesting. I haven't noticed this consistantly (on the opod,) am often higher than I want while traveling, but do recall some baggageclaim lows!