Air Travel with Omni Pod boxes with no Prescription Labels

OK, this is not my first time out of the country (20th to be exact) and not my first either with a “pump”, but it IS the first with the OmniPod.

I have my typical letter from the dr saying that I need my supplies (all listed) and what needs to stay with me…BUT…the problem is…

The Omni Pod boxes do not come with a prescription label on them, thus no way for the airport security to check that they really are mine (everything else comes with a prescription label on them – insulin, syringes, etc)

I called Omni Pod directly to ask for a label, they said they have not heard of this before (ARE YOU KIDDING ME???) and then proceeded to call me back and say they could not provide me anything of the sort.

Can anyone help me here or tell me what you have done in the past in regards to going through airport security? I know I can’t be the only one that has had this problem???


All I can say is I have never had a problem with anything!!!

Did you have prescription labels on your pod boxes?

It’s not a problem. Not a threat. None of their business. You have a Dr. note if you get hassled.

Won’t getting a note that specifies that you’re on the OmniPod insulin pump solve the problem? Since it sometimes takes doctors a while to write letters (they sometimes have form letters), why not type a letter of your own for him/her to sign.

I already have the dr note, thankfully my dr usually has a fast turn around on those. The problem is-- per FAA regulations, all prescription drugs/supplies must have prescription labels attached to them. All my other times with previous pumps, did not have a problem with getting labels for those pump supplies. It is just crazy for OmniPod not to make this???

I have travelled worldwide with my pod, (several in a bag and one on my bod), and I always carry a letter explaining the pod necessity from my endo, whenever i travel…I have never had any trouble except once, in Providence RI, they stopped me, made me explain the pod, wanded me, took my letter from my endo, and searched through my carry on. When the found all the loose pods, it seemed to click with them, (Ohhhhhh, so these are the same things you have on your arm? I thought Diabetics took shots!) So, in a nutshell, other than common ignorance, carrry your letter and keep your pods in a carry on…where you can explain. Good luck, and happy travels!

Thanks-- I appreciate the real-life story. That is usually what I do, usually have to explain “pumping” every time, but I like to think of it as diabetes education :slight_smile:

Have Dr. note, always have, just curious why omni can’t get a prescription label. Weird!

Thanks again!

Ok…if you think that isn’t enough… Take a picture of all of your supplies including those unlabeled pods and have your doctor sign the picture stating that he has prescribed all of the pictured items. Surely that should be acceptable.

That is weird! Whats up with that? I’m sure INsulet keeps files with all the paperwork we had to do to originally GET the pod, so dont you think they could just dig up the original RX?

You would THINK! I even got to talk to the VP of Insulet regarding this and they said they’ve never heard of this. Just trying to be the “prepared” person I am— after 22 years of this disease and in the emergency management field, I always think of like 5 backups! :slight_smile:

I traveled from Seattle to New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur with NO issues without the RX labeling (those are just my overseas trips…I’ve been all over the US with them too…)
Only had to show anyone the note from my Dr. once…they were concerned because the way the pods were stacked in the box, it scanned through the x-ray machine like they were all in the same device. I had to literally yank a pod out of a non-english-speaking security guard before he opened it! All was well after I showed them the one on my body and explained it was for my diabetes medication.

The pods didn’t even set off the metal detectors or the wands…lucky me!

Love to hear this. Makes me feel much more comfortable traveling with them. Thanks so much!!

No one has ever looked at my Pods or meds or even needles. I put the supplies that I always have with me through the scanners in my makeup type bag along with my baggie of liquids, and leave my backup supplies in my carryon. I don’t even carry a note or prescription except the label attached to my insulin. Your point about having your name on something is a good one and I always assume that is enough to show them (should they question,) that the meds and supplies are mine and neccesary. I hope I am correct in thinking that if I have been prescribed insulin, I am a legit needle user. Have a safe and fun trip.

Been to Europe a couple of times. I just pack my supplies in my carry on bag. Never once entering or leaving Europe did I have a problem. Do not put them in your checked bags as it gets too cold.

Have a great trip to where ever it is.

I just flew to France carrying all kinds of extra D supplies – pods, syringes, insulin, etc. I took the pods out of the box and they were just scattered through the stuff in my carry on. I didn’t have any problems at all.

I have a business trip next week and my first one with the OmniPod and all the supplies. Right now I don’t have a doctors note :). I do plan on getting there earlier and will have everything with me if its an issue. I’m not quite to to expect. But in the 15 years I did shots I always carried my gear (with and without percripts) and rarely got stopped. I just hope I’m not hassled in front of all my colleagues I’ll be traveling with. :slight_smile:

have a GREAT trip!!!
keep living the jet-set life, there isn’t anything better!

I’ve carried them both in carry on and in checked bags with no Rx label without ever having a problem. Same with other pump brands and other pump supplies.

How did the trip go?