Pods going through airport security?

I am traveling out of town this weekend and was wondering if anyone has had issues with airport security giving them trouble about the OmniPod. With other pumps, it’s obvious that there’s tubing connecting you to the pump. However, my concern is that the OmniPod does not look like a traditional pump – no tubing – and might not be as readily recognized for what it is.

I’m not so much concerned about setting off the metal detectors, but rather the fact that I will be carrying 8 or 9 pods with me (I am out of town for a week and want to make sure I have enough pods to cover malfunctions). I will have them in my carry-on luggage, as I do not feel comfortable putting them in my checked luggage, which can be lost.

Should I get a note from my doctor explaining that I am using the OmniPod, or might it just be enough to bring a product brochure so TSA personnel can see what it is?


Yes Allen
I would bring both. I don’t think its ever safe to make any assumptions about the cooperation you will receive from any random TSA screener.
Best of Luck enjoy the trip and let us know how the Airport security turns out with the Pod.

Hi -

We just came back from Mexico and I brought 14 pods with me along with syringes and all the normal back up stuff. Not one security guard in the US or Mexico asked me anything. My son, Will, went through security with his pod, no questions asked. I wouldn’t say anything to them unless they ask you. I always carry a dr. note and a complete list of prescriptions just in case, but so far, haven’t been asked to show them to anyone. I also carry milk and food and walk right through. The less you make of it, the less it becomes.

You would think they would see the pods on the security screen and see all the electrical stuff in them and ask about it but they don’t. Go figure.

Enjoy your trip!!

mom to William, 2 years, (dx April 2007, OmniPod user since Jan 2008)

Thanks for the advice. I did get a doctor note from my endo and brought it with me, along with the product brochure from Insulet. I did not mention it to the TSA personnel at the airport for my departure trip, and had no problems. My pod did not set off the metal detector, and no one questioned anything when my bags went through the X-ray machine. It may have helped that I had separated all of my insulin and other diabetes supplies into a dedicated bag before I went through security, or maybe it made no difference. I don’t know.

I think I will still make a habit of bringing the doctor’s note and product brochure whenever I fly just in case it ever becomes an issue.