Airport and flying

Next month I will be flying to visit family. It’s been a while and I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions…

I’m planning on bringing extra supplies, just bringing a carry on and arriving early…


I used to get a note from my doctor, but no one has ever wanted it…but I always figure it can’t hurt to be over prepared.

Hi Lovin,

First of all pack EVERYTHING diabetes related in your carry on! Nothing would stink more than losing your luggage and not having your diabetes supplies!

As for packing, always pack more than you will need. It is better to have more supplies than you think you will need than to need something and not have it! When looking at your suitcase you should be able to think to yourself that you will never need the amount of supplies you are bringing. Also, be sure not to forget things like chargers, batteries, etc. It is also helpful to pack an extra meter in case your current one for some reason malfunctions. Also, do not forget to bring something to keep your insulin cool in.

Next, going through airport security. You can just put all of your diabetes supplies in your bag and it can go right through without a problem just like usually. I have never had any issues with this or had them comment about my diabetes supplies in my bag.

As for going through airport security with devices such as insulin pumps and cgms. You do not want to take either the dexcom reciever or the pump through the machines as it could break them. You can go through the machines but, your devices cannot. So just disconnect from your pump and talk to the person before any of the machines and tell them that you can go through the machines but have two medical devices which can't as it will break them and ask them to do a separate inspection of them.

I hope I could help! If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. I have traveled quite a bit with diabetes! :)

If you have devices, a lot of the time the TSA agents will not be willing to hold them for you while you go through the scanner(s). So ask for the pat down. There re some agents who will insist that it is "safe" for your devices to be exposed to their imaging tech. Maybe it is safe for their machines - but not for yours. I take copies of the pages from my users manuals that state that the devices CANNOT be exposed to the imaging tech. While I don't take a note form my MD, I do take the labels or Rx's for my meds and devices. It can come in really handy should you need to get things refilled. Too bad insulin comes in breakable vials.

I just traveled last week by air. As others have posted, I brought three times more of everything than I would actually use. I brought some of it in my purse, which I put through the scanner. I have my purse with me at all times. I also packed extra insulin, glucose strips and a spare meter in my suit case just in case my purse got snatched. I think that if you are going to bring back-ups and spares of everything, you should pack them in a different bag. Just my 2 cents.