First time flying since starting insulin

Hope all goes well…got all of my supplies ready and will be heading to the airport in the morning. A little nervous, but I guess all will be fine.
Just want to get through security without any hassles.

I have never had a problem, traveling many times domestically and recently, overseas. I put my supplies throught he scanner and they sail through. I just pull out my bag that I carry in my purse and place it in a tray. Only once in over 10 years has an agent even commented, asking if it was medication.
Enjoy your trip!

I fly 3-4 times a year and also have not encountered any problems going through security. Being prepared(as it sounds you are) is really helpful. I have the insulin in the plastic baggy that is required for the liquids. Although I carry glucose tabs, I was told people with diabetes can carry on juice boxes as well. Again, the glucose tabs work much better for traveling. The security people encounter people with different medical issues daily so aren't shocked to see us coming! Many have put me at ease because I think they can see the nerves on my face. Have a great trip, enjoy yourself!!

Don't worry. I fly almost every week all over the world and have never had any hassles from the TSA in the US. The only place I ever get questioned is Korea, where they ask to see prescriptions. I've got them all loaded on my smartphone, and when they see them, all is good.

I've never had any trouble at all. In Austria they asked me what my omnipods were (they don't have it there) and I just explained that it's a medical device that holds my insulin and they were fine with it. I've never needed to show my prescriptions. And one time, while leaving from an airport in the South, they let me carry on an entire bottle of lemonade when I explained I had diabetes.

I fly a lot too… Same story, no problems. Unfortunately tens of thousands of people carry insulin and D supplies trough US airports every day… TSA doesn’t even bat an eye

All my concerns over my first time flying were needless. Getting through security was no problem. Thanks for all of your responses.

Good to hear! :-)