Alcohol and Diabetes - Is there a fit?

Hello, I am asking the community of wonderful PWD how they manage Alcohol and Diabetes?

I never knew some of that stuff. I’ve always been too scared to drink :frowning: Usually if I have a beer it won’t do too much to my sugars but anything more than that or liquor usually causes it to drop very easily. Last month i took a half of shot of vodka and i ended up having to eat about 90 carbs to keep my sugars from getting too low. And usually in social situations where people drink, I’m really not in the mood to worry about my blood sugar that much. Sucks.

Beer typically doesn’t change much for me, but I keep pretty on top of making sure there are plenty of carbs being consumed whilst I drink it. I don’t drink beer by itself anymore as when I tried I almost always fell low, and quickly.

I haven’t actually tried this, but I was told by my support team that if I want to drink liquor - like rum and coke - to drink it with regular pop to counteract the drop that happens because of the alcohol. I’m guessing this would be a better idea if I were drinking all night with a bunch of friends, that way I would wake up high as opposed to drop into a low and hopefully someone would recognize the signs and not think I was drunk myself.

Usually nowadays its the odd beer or two, with food, or nothing at all. It just seems easier… although I can’t say I miss being able to drink whatever I wanted, when I wanted it! :wink:

The effect alcohol has on diabetics really does seem to vary from person to person and seems to depend a lot on the level of control you already have. As far as BG control goes, I can tolerate most acoholic drinks in moderation fairly well. I will test a bit more if I’m drinking, and I will keep a close eye on my CGM.

I’ve learned that I have to stay away from any mixed drinks that contain lot’s of sugar, of course, but most beers and wines won’t drastically raise or drop my BG. I don’t have too many issues with BG control throughout the next day of recovery either, which is something to think about.

The only the other consideration I can think of is how drinking might affect your lab results, short term. A lot of us get tested fairly frequently and I try to avoid drinking alcohol if I know I have tests coming up.

Hmmm, I don’t notice that much problem with drinking, sometimes quite a bit more than 1/2 a shot of vodka. Usually in social situations, I will be around food and will just have some extra carbs depending on what sort of booze is on the menu?

Trial and error my friend. I do not drink very much, but do enjoy fitting it in to my diabetes plan.

Yes, I agree somewhat with your team. I guess you have to find your own pattern . If I am going to have more then 2 I have one with regular pop, and 2 with diet. Cheers!

Yup, does depend on menu selection. I am generally home bound, and domesticated, so its a pretty routine menu for me.

I have to agree with you guys, it varies from person to person as well as the type of drinks on the menu. I found that for myself, I can’t drink like I used to before. Years ago, I used to hang out with Russians, and be able to go toe to toe with them all night long. Now, I have to stick to 2 -3 drinks max. Usually just a couple of glasses of white wine, but that is more preference than anything else. I find that if I drink more than that, unlike before, I have to stuff myself with lots of carbs to keep me from getting a low and easily drunk. So it’s trial end error for the most part and try to find your confort zone. Good luck to you.

Other than beer its all about the mix. I am partial to Jameson’s and water. The Jameson’s lowers BG of course, but consumed in moderation with a meal if found it OK. Now as for light beer, I do drink about one a month. I also use wheat beer if light is not available. The doctor says light beer should have almost no effect, except of course on the brain, i am usually blitzed about 3/4 into a can. Yeah i am a heavy consumer of the spirits.


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