Alcohol and Diabetes

HI everyone.
So for those of us that consume alcohol. (of legal age of course)What do you consume and your choice of. Give me some input. I know none is best but, on occasion I mean. I end up having a couple of Light beers,or a couple Capt & Coke every couple weeks. Not much happens with my levels though my BG’s don’t go over like 150 which is a little high but only when I’ve had few extra.

I drink red wine and vodka and 7. Diet 7 is my preference…but I have had regular 7-up.
I don’t find it does to much damage to my BG. If anything I run low, so I snack on something.

As a diabetic I know what alcohol can do. But with the limitations I already live with I’m not going to eliminate anything from my diet or alcohol. I work with it, as a responsible diabetic I test. A social drink is not going to wreak havoc, at least it doesn’t with me.

Being diabetic and drinking alcohol is way over exaggerated in my opinion. I wear CGM and have yet to see it do anything crazy to my BG. I have a couple of beers probably every night of the week and have no issues. You run the risk of going hypo from exercising more than drinking alcohol at least in my experience. Know your body, if you became diabetic as an adult like me then you probably knew how much you could drink before you became diabetic. If you follow the everything in moderation rule you should be OK. If you are uncertain test your BG a lot while experimenting with different drinks and make sure you have a little food in your stomach, that will help as well.

Regardless of drinking, it’s common sense to keep a meter and glucose within reach. I don’t think anyone here was talking about getting smashed, and as with anything, it’s possible to do things in moderation, monitor how your body responds and be responsible about it. Some doctors even recommend drinking red wine on occasion because of its health benefits. Alcohol used responsibly and in moderation is no more dangerous than riding a bike.

I like gin and tonic. They sell SF tonic water, but I don’t really drink unless I’m at some kind of event or it’s a special occasion and they only ever have regular tonic water - that amounts to maybe 3 or 4 times a year at most. I’ve known people to use Diet Coke in mixed drinks, and if you do a web search (or maybe someone here knows a good link) you can kind lists of carb counts in beers.

It is important to keep on eye on your BG for several hours after you drink so you can get a better sense of how it affects you. If your drinks have carbs, you can spike shortly after drinking. Several hours after the fact, because your liver processes the alcohol, it becomes ‘preoccupied’ with that so it doesn’t release glycogen (stored sugar), and that can result in a low. If you’re type 2, I’m thinking that would be less of a concern for you, but still something to keep in mind, and probably run by your endo or CDE/RD.

Sorry Steve but I have to disagree with you on this one. It’s so doable my friend, especially if you have food in your stomach or some glucose in your blood stream. If anything, I’ve had more high blood sugars while drinking than lows (beer, mixed, shots…you name it). That’s just me…see what works for you.

Don’t believe everything you read…you can overcome your fears with responsible self-experimentation.

I love this question, especially since I’m off to Vegas this weekend :slight_smile:

  1. Jack & Diet (Coke Zero for the more “real” coke taste)
  2. Sugarfree Redbull & vodka (careful if you have issues with caffeine)
  3. Diet Cranberry & vodka
  4. Diet Dr. Pepper & vanilla Stoli vodka
  5. Diet 7 & 7

…stay thirsty my friends.

I drink one to two beers per night. it has become part of my bedtime ritual over the years. Occassionally, I will drink red wine or gin & tonic. If anything I have found it helps me control my BS. I have never experienced a low from beer.

I pretty much stick to drinking red wine with meals. It lowers my BG, but I never have had more than two small glasses. One beer doesn’t effect my BG much. Made the mistake of having some of my husband’s Guinness Stout. So yummy, but loaded with carbs. I’m a lightweight, even before being diagnosed.

I don’t like diet soda, or even regular soda, so if it’s a social thing I have one vodka & club soda. The days of margaritas are over!

For some reason, after just 1 drink I usually feel like I’m having a hypo. I have no idea why this happens, but because of this I don’t feel like it’s worth it at times because I spend the entire time checking my sugars like there’s no tomorrow and I get really uptight which kind of goes against the point of drinking. :stuck_out_tongue: If I was drinking anything it’d be vodka and diet coke…but most people (including my friends) think I’m a bore because I don’t want to drink until I pass out like they do, lol. Can’t win em all I guess! :slight_smile:

If you like the fruity little drinks but can’t drink them because of sugar/carbs, I found a great web site with a full line of low carb mixers –

The site is:

I use the martini mix to make no carb slushies for my little girl – and they really taste as good as or better than the sugary kind –

Check it out !!!

I think I can agree with most here. That taken in moderation is key to anything. Now maybe I should of been a little clearer, but I’m not talking going out and getting leggless. I’m saying going out for the night with friends an socially drinking. After all We do have to get behind a wheel, and that’s risky enough. Although checking levels & glucose in case near by,sounds like the smartest plan. You want to rule your diabetes an not the other way around.
The last time I went out about a week ago. I had 3 budlights (now know Bud select has less carbs) 2 lrg Capt. n Coke mixxed about 1/2 n1/2 over the course of like 3 hrs an levels were ok 143.

When I join in with friends, or at home…it’s white wine for me…usually Pinot Grigio, as I’m prone to migraines, and that one works well with me. Also, in order to have 2 glasses, I mix it with a diet peach fizz…2 undiluted gobblets of wine is is a little risqué for me…and I ALWAYS eat something first (a snack size something) and after.

Pure consumable alcohol has “0” net carbs. I like Sailor Jerry & Coke Zero (“0” net carbs). Alcohol can cause different effects on people like hypo’s the next day. I haven’t had those problems; I treat alcohol like any other food item.

I heard there isn’t anything wrong with drinking just watch your bg’s and the hypos

I rarely ever drink anything with Alcohol in it, if I do its normally a glass of red wine or a light beer. I may try a Ultralight low carb beer next time I do have a drink but that may be after the end of the year lol

I drink a lot of water, moderate milk , less teas and soda, and rarely juice, blue moon for alcohol for me.

I’ve been getting into the habit of drinking more water…I find it much easier to get down if it’s purified. I once was a GREAT tea drinker, but now am more of a coffee lover…how about you…do you do coffee?

My doctor recommends one drink a week, which is fine by me… A glass of dry red wine with/after a meal is great. My sugars do great with this.

But I have a question - I keep hearing about a connection between alcohol and neuropathy. Is this only a problem if you already have neuropathy? Or only a problem if you drink a lot? Or can a small amount of drinking contribute to neuropathy? I know there’s no simple or clear answer, but does anyone know of any research about this? Thanks