Do you drink alcohol(this includes wine and beer) or do you abstain?

personally, i have experimented with drinking alcohol; i always thought that because alcohol has sugar in it, that my BS would go sky-high and that i would start spilling Ketones, ect. but the odd thing was that when ever i drank, my BS stayed remarkably in control and even on the low side. i dont know why and i was just curious. has anyone had this experience? i havent tasted alcohol since 2000. just wanted to know what other D do.

I have a glass or two of wine with dinner with no effect on my blood sugar. I have a very occasional beer with dinner but only if my meal is very low carb and I bolus 14 grams for the beer (I drink dark beers). Once in a great while I will go out somewhere and drink more in an evening - mostly wine - and I test frequently especially before bed because I can go a bit low.

Zoe, i didnt mention that i havent been a drinker since 1987, but i did go to AA; it saved my life; i am now almost 12 yrs sober. (and i go to AlAnon, too).i just remember the days B4 i started drinking after i was dx with D; it was miserable. i was simply wondering if anyone had this experience.

i appreciate your reply, and welcome all others!

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Congratulations on turning your life around.

The reason that one tends to go low when drinking is that when the liver is working on processing the alcohol it can't/doesn't spit out glucose. Some of us jokingly call red wine, red insulin. And just like with insulin, you have to be careful when you drink or you can end up in trouble.

I used to be fine with vodka and diet coke. The stranger the colour the more I avoided them, those alco pop thingys. I personally got so fed up with other people's drinking ( Irish people drink far too much ), I just don't bother anymore. I would much prefer something sweet to eat. Well done to you Daisy, no words to say how difficult a road it is. Red Insulin, interesting. The Wrath of the Grapes.

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Ha! The Wrath of the Grapes!

Another thread talks about free food: wine is free for me, my beer needs to be covered for 14g, and both of them cause a low later. Expecting those lows keep me moderate with alcohol.

I used to be a fan of whiskey and coke, but since I've quit soda and juice I've avoided most cocktails (though I was pleasantly surprised to discover a frozen daiquiri place with a sugar-free option). If I drink, I'll usually stick to one or two beers and I'm good for the entire evening -- I take 1mg of Prandin beforehand to cover it, and any sort of meal accompanying it. I've noticed since being diagnosed it's a lot easier to get drunk, so I try to be careful with my alcohol intake, and drink as much water (if not more).

I drink wine and it does not affect my blood glucose if I am moderate, which is always. With wine, the grape juice's sugar is changed to alcohol, which reduces carbs. A 5-ounce glass of dry white table wine may have 1.0 to 1.25 grams of carbohydrates, while a similar portion of red may go up to 2.5 grams. I never blous for wine, as the wine will actually lower my blood glucose levels a bit.

Beer is another story. A 12 ounce portion of light beer can be as low as 4.4 and other heavier beer can be 16 to 18. If I do drink a beer, I bolus for 15 carbs.

I don't like liquor at all.

I drink wine and hard liquor moderately, and have found that wine only slightly affects my BG, whereas a glass of whiskey or rye will noticably lower my BG. I stay away from mixed drinks, beer, and liqueurs, because I don't want to have to dose for them. If I am having a dinner with more carbs than usual, I usually have a drink or two to help along the insulin.

I'm still new to wine. I've only cooked with red and white wine but would like to have red or white for a meal, you know socially. What should I look for? How should I prepare and treat for a glass of red wine?

Pour in glass, pick up glass, sip and savor! There is really nothing to do to prepare for a glass of red one.

One or two glasses of red wine should have little effect on your blood sugar, especially if drank with your meal. But check your blood sugar at your usual two hour pp and make sure for the first couple times.In my experience if I drink more than that, and if its not with food than I might go low later, like before bedtime.

All of the above, except for abstaining. I don't drink as much as I used to but don't think that much about it and just look at it as another "food" to figure input/ output for. I generally eat some (junk, ha ha) food while I'm drinking too and haven't had trouble w/ hypos or anything like that. When I was more of a party boy, I had more trouble keeling over the day after wild parties b/c tons of booze seems to wipe out DP so I'd run lower than normal.

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I like beer..
It makes me a jolly good fellow.

I like beer...
It helps me unwind,
And sometimes it makes me feel mellow.

Whiskey's too rough
Champagne costs too much,
And vodka puts my mouth in gear.

I hope this refrain
Will help me explain..
Exactly why....


...Tom T. Hall

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I stopped 25 years now....

I will have a glass of wine maybe 2-3 times per month, usually if I'm out at a restaurant. Don't keep any at home. My favorite is ice cold pinot grigio. And champagne.
One glass does nothing to my bg.

John, are you by any chance a friend of Bill's? we've been friends since 1987.

Daisy Mae

Since going low carb, I tend to drink more. Doesn't seem to affect my BG much, as long as I only have 1 at a time. I was craving Bourbon for a while, but now just wine or beer. I've been T1 since I was a kid, and never much of a drinker.

I drink alcohol every day, beer mostly, sometimes red wine. I seldom drink hard liquor these days. Too much beer or wine and my blood sugars plummet. I have cut back lately, limiting myself to a couple beer per evening. I'd like to quit altogether.

Great topic...I always struggle with this. I have had super bad delayed lows (AKA seizures) from alcohol (one or two drinks) I try to avoid it! It's hard to know what I can/can't handle...sometimes I need no insulin at all during and the next day after drinking, other times I'll run super high and it will be just like I am eating without bolusing.