Alcohol and diabetes

so last night for example, i had some drinks with friends and all throughout the night and when i woke up i had continious low blood sugars
does anyone else have this problem? if so how do you control this?
its ridiculous having a glass of juice and literally 15 jelly beans through out a night with out them having any/little effect

I always try to eat some carbs with some fatty foods. Like before I go out I tend to a have a peanut butter sandwich, or after I drink… Or sometimes just some pretzels while I drink help (I don’t bolus for them). Alcohol usually has a lasting effect…

I am on the pump so I reduce my basal for a few hours when I know I will be drinking. I may still have a low ( like 65 this am ) but they are easier to recover from. You will have to play and see what works for you.

The alcohol competes for liver time therefore not keeping up with the glucose level. Munch nuts & limit the number of drinks.I have one to three beers or wine each day and maintaining good numbers.

Drink 2 light beer,light beer is the best

I find I can drink pretty much as much as i want, as long as it’s beer and I have something like pasta for dinner. Hard alcohol will mess up my bs more than I know how to deal with. I take my lantus in 2 doses and sometimes I will skip my nightly dose. It’s not enough for me to go too high in the morning, but enough so I don’t have a dip during the night. Like anything with diabetes, it’s a learning curve.

Also, I’ve had morning lows that I couldn’t treat with just sugar. It took a real meal with protein and whole wheat carbs before I was stable.

When you drink alcohol you HAVE to eat!!!

Yah, light beer is usually the best. There is typically only a few carbs in a beer and around 100 calories. I usually don’t bolus for them because of the lows. But will check my blood periodically and correct if I need too. I don’t have too much of a problem with drinking and my numbers as long as I stay on top of checking my blood. If I do have a heavier beer I will bolus and check my blood more often. And obviously, just stay away from sugary girly drinks if you can. Oh boy.

Hello Samantha. I drink cheep vodka. Popov with diet cola. I don’t use a lot of vodka. If I drink more than 6, my BS screws up. (no more than 8oz. of vodka) Then I eat dinner. Of course, I regulate my own sugar… :slight_smile:
If I drink pineapple juice, my BS instantly goes up.