Alcohol Swabs Recalled Because of Bacterial Contamination! Canada and USA

Here in Canada, these alcohol swabs have been recalled:

Store Brand Products / Retail Store

Remedy Rx / Remedy Rx
Uniprix (Option+) / Uniprix and PharmaChoice
Life Brand / Shoppers Drug Mart
Equate / Walmart
Personelle / Jean Coutu
Rexall / Katz Group stores (Pharma Plus, Medicine Shoppe etc.)
Exact / Loblaws stores

Look for the name Triad on the box, listed as the manufacturer, or Shandex listed anywhere.

I have been getting injection site infections and thought I had food poisoning recently. I wonder if it was connected. This contaminant can cause both.

I am not happy that I didn’t hear about this recall until 6 days after it happened. Why hasn’t this been made more public?

More news, if you use a pump in Canada, check your infusion sets, they may be packaged with these contaminated swabs.

OTTAWA - Following our communication regarding COPAXONE co-packaged in a kit with Triad manufactured recalled alcohol prep pads, Health Canada is informing Canadians that other health products have been identified [SEE BELOW] that are co-packaged with these recalled alcohol prep pads.

Alcohol prep pads closely resemble alcohol swabs and are used for the same purpose: to cleanse or disinfect a particular area of the body.

ICU Medical has initiated a voluntary recall of Orbit subcutaneous infusion sets due to the co-packaging of their product with Triad alcohol prep pads. This product is used in the treatment of diabetes and ICU Medical has informed Health Canada that they will no longer be co-packaging their infusion pumps with Triad alcohol prep pads.

After reading Dr. Bernstein’s book I no longer use alcohol swabs when I inject. I also don’t use then when testing, I wash my hands instead.

Well, washing up is always good, but sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you have to inject insulin while in the car, etc.

I have several scars from very nasty infections that I got from the recalled swab brand. They took months and months to clear up and the infection destroyed the underlying tissue.

Its really screwy when a product that is supposed to protect you from infection actually causes infections, and the company making them knew about the issue and continued to sell them. It really makes me angry.

Emmy....... I am also on Copaxone (a MS drug) for my MS and for a while they came with a note NOT to use the triad pads enclosed and packaged another brand to use. Lately my Copaxone comes without ANY pads. I take it you also have MS.

Instead of tossing the infected pads, I have been using them for other non-medical uses. I do not have, nor read the book, but I quit using alcohol pads many years ago for testing and injections. I had read about a (UK?) study that showed no more infections in people that did not use alcohol pads than did use them, that's without the infected pads issue.


My pharmacy is back to selling this brand again, and were out of BD brand, which I’ve been using since the recall.

I had to order BD swabs by the case, so from now on I’ll be trying to stay 12 boxes ahead of my needs, just to make sure I never ever have to use swabs made by the irresponible company that made the contaminated swabs.